July 22, 2013
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(SR4) Sony developed three new Full Frame sensors. 24, 32 and 36 Megapixel.


The next generation A-mount and E-mount Full Frame cameras will feature a newly designed Sony Full Frame sensor. There are three different versions that have been developed: 24, 32 and 36 megapixel sensors. It’s still hard to say which camera will use which sensor…
The first camera suing the new sensor shoudl be the NEX-FF!

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July 21, 2013
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(SR5) More Hasselblad leaks. At least you get a nice case for the money :)

You will have to pay more than $1,600 to get the Hasselblad RX100 clone named “Stellar”. But at least you get a nice case and strap for the money you spend. The camera will be announced on Friday. I am curious to see how much they will price the luxurious version of the RX1 or NEX-FF. I think it will be close to $10,000 :)

found via Photorumors.

July 21, 2013
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Hacked Canon now adds RAW video recording and 14 stops Dynamic Range

The Sony Hack project is still in a very early stage of development but I hope they can achieve some of the goals met by the guys from Magic Lantern. With the latest update they were able to add two amazing new features on the 5DmarkIII:
1) By exploiting unused dual ISO amplifiers on a sensor chip in the Canon 5D Mark III and 7D, new firmware allows you to record lighter parts of a scene at ISO 100 and darker portions at ISO 1600.
2) RAW video recording has been added.

Full details about the ML project can be read add magiclantern.fm. I hope Sony will take notice of these advancements. RAW video recording is one of the feature they could push into the next generation cameras.

via Engadget.

July 20, 2013
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Sony TidBits…

Sony Exmor and Exmor R CMOS Camera Sensors Explained

12mm Touit tested on the NEX-7 at DearSusans.
New Loan and Try progam from Sony Singapore.
Sony 100mm F2.8 Macro text at Yodobashi.
YASUHARA MADOKA 180 Lens For NEX at Fotorelax.
“What Lenses Did I Actually Use?” (Blogarithms)
RX100MII test at Quesabesde.
Sigma 18-35mm lens test at LensTip.
Sony RX100 II review at Trustedreviews.
Sony SmartWatch 2 confirmed for September 9 launch (Electronista).
F5 and F55 firmware timeline at Sony Community.
4K Faq at Sony Blog.
RX100MII field test at DSLRmagazine.
Zeiss 50mm lens test at Mobile01.
Zeiss 32mm lens test at Fstoppers.
Zeiss 12mm lens test at SonyAlphaLab.
Sony Patent Reveals Plan to Start Tagging Photos with Vital Signs at PetaPixel.
The Indonesian First Lady uses the NEX-7 (Instagram).
A Lens Tube patent at by Sony (pdf file).

July 20, 2013
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(SR5) And here comes the Hasslblad Luxurious Sony RX100 clone!

Hasselblad Stellar camera with Mahogany wood grip


Hassy isn’t done yet with luxurious clone of Sony stiff. After the Hasselblad Lunar, a l$7,000 luxurious version of the NEX-7 they are now going to launch the $1,600+ clone of the Sony RX100. It’s named “Hasselblad Stellar”. And certainly the price is “stellar” :)

The pictures have been leaked at Photorumors who writes:

“The official announcement will be on July 26th. The price is expected to be between $1,600-$3,200 depending on the selected materials”

You can see all the different versions on the images below. I don’t expect any imrpovement in terms of image quality. The hardware and lens is exactly the same of the RX100 (not even from the newer RX100MII.
Hasselblad Stellar camera with Olive wood grip


Hasselblad Stellar camera with carbon fibre grip

Hasselblad Stellar camera with Walnut wood grip

Hasselblad Stellar camera with Wenge wood grip

Hasselblad Stellar camera with Mahogany wood grip

P.S.: I know only of one guy using the Lunar, it’s David Lynch (via Rob Sheridan’s blog).

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