May 31, 2015
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Sony US lists crazy low prices: A7r for $199 only! $11,700 off on the 500mm G!!!


Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-31 um 13.13.58

At SonyStore US (Click here and see for yourself) you can get plenty of Sony cameras for a ridiculous price. The A7r for example sells for $199 only (Click here)! And the Sony 500mm f/4.0 got a $11,700 off on Amazon US (Click here to see it).


This obviously has to be a mistake! Anyway, if you buy the camera you may get the cam for the currently displayed price?

UPDATE: Sony now pulled the A7r page and Amazon corrected the 500mm lens pricing!

May 31, 2015
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Great A7II and A7s reportage photos shot in “Subzero Playground” conditions.


“I see the light”
A7s + Samyang 14/2.8
ISO 8000, focal length 14mm, f/2.8, shutter speed 20 sec

Our reader “Gift Of Light” worked with the A7II and A7s in extreme subzero temperatureconditions. These are soem of the pics and a short report of his adventure. The full reportage can be seen at SonyAlphaForum (Click here).

A7s + FE 70-200/4
ISO 100, focal length 200mm, f/4, shutter speed 1/5,000 sec

At lake Baikal, the average temperature is around -15 to -10 degree Celsius. All of my stuff, as in list, worked well, except the battery life. As all of us can expect, the battery life in a bit extreme cold weather should not be long. However, there is something more than that. Sometime I found that the battery status abruptly decreased from many percentages to exhausted, occurred in both A7II and A7s, but after the battery was changed both of them can work normally.

“Burning Cave”
A7 + FE 16-35/4
ISO 100, focal length 16mm, f/19, shutter speed 1/10 sec (HDR blend with +2 and -2 stops photos)

By the way, the exhausted batteries were found that they didn’t really exhaust because when I put them in the chargers, they didn’t charged from the zero. Moreover, I encountered a big problem once about this issue during the trip. At one morning, I went outdoors early since 4:00 AM and stayed there until 8:00 AM. At around 8:00 AM, my A7II abruptly showed exhausted battery status. I tried to replace the battery with many of unused batteries in my bag several times, but each time the A7II showed exhausted battery status after take a few shots. And as I told you earlier, all of them didn’t really exhaust. I don’t know what is the problem between the battery or the camera, but I think the latter is most likely. Otherwise, there is nothing to complaint about my Sony stuff.

“Dawn of The Coldest Desolation”
A7 II + FE 16-35/4
Blending two shots of
ISO 400, focal length 16 mm, f/16, shutter speed 2 sec (for a man)
ISO 100, focal length 16mm, f/16, shutter speed 8 sec (for whole photograph)

However, I want to request something from Sony. First of all, if it is possible, please make new battery with larger capacity. The A7 series is growing day by day and make attention from many professional photographers who want to use a smaller and lighter system for their work but still get image quality of full frame camera. But, to think that if you want to travel to remote areas without electricity for a while, you must bring a huge pack of your batteries to make sure that you will have enough power supply during your trip. That is not good. Another request, could you please add depth of field scale (or even hyperfocal distance) into the camera, just like when we turn the focusing ring and then the focusing distance pop up in the camera. It should be a great feature for landscape shooter like me. These are all I want to request for this time.

“A7 Mk II on Ice”
A7s + FE 55/1.8
ISO 100, focal length 55mm, f/11, shutter speed 1/60 sec

A lot more images can be seen at SonyAlphaForum (Click here).

May 31, 2015
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This week SAR readers photos selection.


Yuri Afanasiev
Morning in red. “Red dress” serial. Sony a7r + FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS | 125mm | F / 6,3 | ISO 1000 | 1/40, light from windows + Reflector (Silver)
My Site

1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: or on the SonyAlphaForum image section.
2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: and on SonyAlphaForum.
3) A selection of most liked pictures by the community and by me SAR admin will be posted weekly on SAR.

Note: When sending a pic feel free to also add a link to your site to promote yourself!

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May 30, 2015
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There is a “sort of” new A-mount camera as Pen stick :)


SAR readers noticed that appearance of a tiny A900 A-mount PEN stick on eBay (Click here to see/buy them). And you can really take off the lens! Cute :)

Now let’s hope soem real A-mount camera will follow as next ;)

May 30, 2015
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New Sony A7s video and tests roundup!


Sony A7s VS Panasonic GH4

Ryan:I shot this feature for /DRIVE run-and-gun style with the Sony A7S a couple months ago. The A7S was rigged with a SmallHD DP4, JuicedLink XLR, Westside AV Sony L battery adaptor and a Movcam cage. Filming took three very long days in direct Arizona sun. The full 27-minute piece was edited and graded in 2 days with Final Cut Pro X.

Almos:his a super low light test I did with the sony A7s, testing out how well the autofocus works in very low light at f5.6 for video. I used the stock 28-70FE lens. Let me just say, it works unbelievably well (in addition to the A7S being an unbelievable low light camera, that we already know). I did this test when recording a BTS footage of a band recording in a pitch dark studio. I like it so much I cut it into a Birdman tribute, enjoy :)

Sean:I made this during the Sony/B&H/Philip Bloom event, and was hoping you might share it on your sight:

Danas:Maybe you would like to see and post a short video done with A7s – perfect travel partner

Florian:May I ask your attention a moment to introduce the first film project “WAITING” made in Lisbon. All clips are shot up with sony A7S. This project aims to provide an artistic vision of a city, a country, a place … The films of this project are available in several more or less short formats. Some were processed in time “capsules”, while others have been so longer and documented.

Jannik:I found it to be very easy compared to the conventional way of grading, because the Software seems to handle the footage better. And best of all, it’s free! Here’s the link to my video:

Peter:Not a rumour but just sharing my wedding video production shot with a pair of A7S. Quality from these cameras are just amazing! Am waiting for A7sII now to buy more!

Sony A7s store links:
Sony A7s in USA/CA at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Sony USA, Sony Canada.
Sony A7s in Eu at Sony DE, UK, ES, FR, IT, NL, BE, AT, CH, SE, NO, FI, PL. And Wex UK.
A7s Gariz leather case in Black (Click here), Brown (Click here), Red (Click here) and Orange (Click here).

May 30, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…


Quick Look: Canon Super Telephoto 1200mm f/5.6L

Possible three new APS-C E-mount lenses to come in 2015…(SonyAlphaForum).
FE 35mm Distagon review at Focus Numerique.
Sony Fe 4/16-35 Review (SonyAlphaForum).
Keeping obstacles within your frame can be a good thing! (Sony Blog).
Canon 11-24 on A7r (Tomang).

Steve: I wanted to share this short film shot mostly with my Sony Nex7, Canon FD glass and a Novaflex adapter. A few scenes (the low-angle footsteps & inside the church) were shot on my iPhone 5s. Enjoy.

Maico: “I spent the last weeks reverse engineering the Sony PlayMemories Camera appstore and found out how to install custom apps on Sony NEX / Alpha cameras. I wanted to post my findings on, but the site seems nearly dead and invitation-only. That’s why I send the link to you:

Give it a try if you want to. I hope it works.
The source is available here:

There is still a lot of work to do, but it is a proof of concept which should allow us to start understanding PMCA apps and begin to develop our own.Feel free to ask me any questions.
Kind regards


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