October 5, 2011
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Pancakes ideas for your NEX: Voigtländer Skopar 21mm f/4.0

I am a happy NEX-5n user (and probably a future NEX-7 user too). But what I am missing in the current NEX lens lineup are pancakes! I’m googling around to find some nice pancakes I can use on my NEX and I thought it would be nice to share with you my findings!

The Voigtländer 21mm f/4.0:
If you are looking for a compact street photography lens the  Voigtländer Skopar 21mm f/4.0 might eb your choice. You can use it on your NEX via Leica M to NEX mount adapter (Click here to find them on eBay). The lens itself costs around $500 and you can find plenty of them on eBay (Click here). On your NEX this will become a 32mm f/4.0 lens. It’s an ideal walkround lens. Very compact, top build quality. The only thing you have to consider is that it is not very fast.

What I found:
A set of image samples from “Tam” taken with the NEX-3 on Flickr (Click here).
Another set of image samples from “Jeebus” taken with the NEX on Flickr (Click here).
Amazing night shots from “Jacknrain” taken with the NEX-3 on Flickr (Click here).
You can see a picture of the NEX with the Skopar attached at Tokyocamerastyle.

What do you think:

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Ebay links:
Voigtländer 21mm f/4.0 (Click here)
Leica M to NEX mount adapter (Click here)

October 5, 2011
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Three Sony accessories in Stock

Back in June Sony announced three new accessories along the new Sony NEX-C3 camera. I don’t think I ever told you that all the three new items are in Stock. Here are the links:
Sony VCT-55LH Mounting Bracket with Accessory Shoe Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Sony LCS-AMB/B Alpha Soft Carrying Case Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Sony HVL-F43AM Flash Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

October 5, 2011
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Surprise: The real NEX competition is coming from Fuji!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read this! Fuji announced a new mirrorless system with interchangeable lens system that will use a very large sensor. Exact size of the sensor has not been unveiled but Fuji said it is the highest resolution and lowest noise sensor ever used and it will beat any current full frame sensor! That’s probably the first real competitor for the NEX system and probably also of the future full frame NEX camera! Amazing Fuji. You did what Nikon and Canon where not able to do for now!

Press release and pictures at: DC.watch.

October 5, 2011
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Sony NEX-7 news roundup (and first unboxing video)

There are a couple of new NEX-7 related news. As you know that camera will be in Stock by mid-November and I will certainly buy one! Now let’s see the list of news:
The video you see on top of this post shows an the high speed mode of the NEX-7 (10 frames per second with 24M RAW). There is also a Sony NEX-7 Russian fashion shooting video on youtube. New image samples have been posted at Fotopolis. SonyAlphaNex did a Sony Alpha NEX-7 vs Leica M9 size and spec comparison. The NEX-7 is really the closest “thing” to the Leica M9 which costs 5.500 Euro (click here to see that cam on eBay). And to see a real image comparison between the NEX-7 and Leica M9 click over to ThePictureDesk.
For our German readers: ClubSonus posted an unboxing video (Click here) and a German hands-on video (Click here).

Now, those are the NEX-7 preorder links (Click on store name to visit the NEX-7 product page): Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
And here is the new Zeiss lens links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
And than we have that nice “cheap” new NEX lens, the 50mm f/1.8: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
For birds shooter or travellers there is the new 50-210mm zoom: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

Those links are automatically generated. If for example you are located in Germany the links will lead you to Sonystore Germany and other big German stores. But many of our readers told me that in reality German readers do also buy in UK stores, or Spanish readers in German stores and so on. That’s why sometimes I give you the links to all stores I do usually check to get info about availability or price:

Australia: Sony.au, Digitalrev, Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.au
Austria: Amazon.at, Sony.at, eBay.at
Belgium: Sony.be, eBay.be
Canada: Sony.ca, B&H, Adorama, eBay.ca
China: Amazon.cn, Digitalrev, eBay
Denmark: Sony.dk, eBay
Finland: Sony.fi, eBay
France: Sony.fr, Amazon.fr, eBay.fr
Germany: Amazon.de, Sony.de, eBay.de
Hong Kong: Amazon, Digitalrev, B&H, Adorama, eBay
Ireland: Sony.ie, Amazon.uk, eBay.ie
Italy: Sony.it, Amazon.it, eBay.it
Japan: Amazon.jp, Rakuten, eBay
Netherlands: Sony.nl, eBay.nl
Norway: Sony.no, eBay
Poland: Sony.pl, Redcoon.pl, eBay
Singapore: Digitalrev, B&H, eBay
Spain: Sony.es, Amazon.es, Redcoon.es, eBay
Sweden: Sony.se, eBay
Switzerland: Sony.ch, Amazon.de, eBay.ch
United Kingdom: Amazon.co.uk, Warehouseexpress, eBay UK
USA: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay

That’s it regarding the NEX-7. Now let me work on new rumors… :)

October 4, 2011
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Sony A77 review and in Stock in Canada and Japan (and how to recover a dead A77).

Sony A77 stabilisation and AF test from Remi Chapeaublanc // LeCrapo on Vimeo.

I am going to summarize the latest A77 I received from my readers. First of all the A77 is now in Stock at Amazon Japan and Sonystore Canada. And if you are from Aberdeen you will get the A77 body for GBP977.45 instead of GBP1149 (Thanks Kenneth for sending this).

Whatdigitalcamera (Click here) reviewed the A77: “Sony’s uncompromising approach to the Alpha A77 has produced a camera that not only matches some excellent competition, but beats them in a number of areas too“. The camera earns the “Gold Award“!

If you are already an A77 owner and you are experiencing some black out issues try this:
1. Turn off A77.
2. Take out battery.
3. Insert battery again.
4. Press these 3 buttons (Menu+Movie+Ael) simultaneously.
5. Turn on A77 and keep the 3 buttons pressed for 5 seconds. There will be a green spot “blinks” on the lower left corner of the LCD screen. Then “alpha logo” should show up again.

Here is the succes story of some who have tried this (page 5 of the thread): Dyxum forum.

Another SAR reader tested the Toshiba 95MB/s SDHC card on A77. See video on youtube here and here.

Reminder: The A77 1.03 firmware will be released within the next two weeks and fix most (if not all) the A77 isssues!

Preorder: the A77 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay

UPDATE: The Sony A77 manual is available in 17 laguages at support.sony-europe.com (Thanks B.)

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