August 17, 2013
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Working on A-mount rumors/news too…(lenses, firmware and A-mount mirrorless)


The last weeks were extremely busy. As you have seen I posted many QX and NEX rumors. Now I wanted tow write a short note just to say that I am working on A-mount news too. Within the next 2-3 weeks I should be able to get more concrete (and hopefully SR5 rated) info about the upcoming products. In very short this is what I am working on:

1) A-mount lens roadmap: as I told you there are definitely a 70-200mm II and 400mm lens to come. But I heard about two more lenses…

2) Firmware update: There is a silence around it. probably because there are bigger rumors at the moment. But I will try to ask my sources to tell me something about it

3) SLT vs A-mount mirrorless: While it’s almost sure that A-mount mirrorless is the future I am still not 100% sure that there will be no other SLT camera.

So be patient, I am on it :)


August 16, 2013
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Sony Tidbits…

Sony 500mm lens review

Here is a short roundup of Sony news of the week. If i missed to report something just drop me a message at Thanks!

Sony 300mm f/2.8 G SSM II test at CameraStuffReview.
Cómo no vender CSCs – Nikon… y otras (CSCmagazine).
A Review of the Hasselblad Stellar (PetaPixel).
Sony DEV-50 3D Binocular Camcorder (Luminous Landscape).
Sony Alpha A99 Review Part II – A99 at Work (Echenique).
Sony alpha Festival 2013 in Berlin (Photoscala).
Sony RX1R sample images at Pantip.
Sony NEX-FF. Why it might work (Theaaronloy).
Sony Management is Crazy (Preferredaperture).
Sony RX1R Review – Extended Foursome (Force-photos).
Greek Sony A58 review by

August 16, 2013
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Nikon-Canon FF price war: $1500 for 6D and $2000 for D800.

The Canon-Nikon FF price war is fully ongoing: Right now the Canon 6D is sold for $1,499 at BigValue (here on eBay) and the refurbished D800 sells for the first time below $2000 at RobertsCamera (here on eBay). Sony better keeps those prices in mind when launching the new E and A mount Full Frame cameras. A sub $2,000 36 megapixel A-mount camera would be very very very welcome don’t you agree? :)


found via DealsRunner.

August 16, 2013
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(SR5) QX10 and QX100 manual image and specs!

Here is the first leak of a part of the QX10 and QX100 manual:

1) Power Button
2) Microphone
3) Display Panel
: Indicates that the card is not inserted
: Indicates the remaining battery charge
4) Hook for belt
5) Tripod
6) Ring Control (DSC-QX100)
7) The power / charge / movie
Green: Power on
Orange: running charging
Red: running video
8) Zoom lever
9) shutter button
10) Multifunctional jack
11) RESET button

Dimensions (standard CIPA):
DSC-QX100: 62,5 mm × 62,5 mm × 55,5 mm (W / H / D)
DSC-QX10: 62,4 mm × 61,8 mm × 33,3 mm (W / H / D)
Weight (standard CIPA) (including battery pack NP-BN, “Memory Stick Micro”):
DSC-QX100: approx. 179 g
DSC-QX10: approx. 105 g
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BN, 3,6 In the
Power consumption (during shooting): 1.1 W

The QX100 has the same RX100MII sensor and  Zeiss lens ($600 here on Amazon).
The QX10 has the same 1/2,3 inch 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and  f/3,3-5.9 lens as the Sony WX150 ($400 on Amazon).

As I wrote yesterday the new QX lens-cameras will be announced on September 4th! We will follow the event live so be sure to be online on SonyAlphaRumors that day!


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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

August 16, 2013
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(SR5) New Honami i1 leaks (shots 4K, and first full size image sample).

Here is a short roundup of latest Honami leaks: As you know this is a high-end smartphone with built-in 20 Megapixel 1/2.3 inch sensor and 28mm f/2.0 G lens. This smartphone is also supposed to feature a new JPEG engine that could find his way in future A and E mount cameras too and it will also shot 4K video! GSMarena posted new images of the Smartphone while Xperiablog posted the first full size image sample (Click here to see it). The image sample doesn’t really look that good. But it’s hard to say if 1) the image is real and 2) this has been taken with a pre or final production camera.

The new NEX, the Honami, the Lens Camera and the new Action Cameras…there is a lot to come from Sony!