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August 18, 2012
Posted in reviews

Interview with the Sony RX100 developers team (and RX100 accessory world roundup)


Sony (Click here) created a new RX100 microsite including an interview of the RX100 developer team. I take the chance to make my compliments to the full team!

More RX100 news:
Engadget recommends the RX100 in his newest camera guide. Full RX100 review by SonyAlphaLab. Lloyd Chambers loves his new RX100. Still on top at Amazon US (ranking here) and Amazon DE (ranking here). RX100 price search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

RX100 accessory roundup:
I made a short list of accessories in case you need them. Click on the item name (All links to eBay):
Cases: Official Sony LCJ-RXA case, Gariz case, more leather case.
Batteries: NP-BX1 Battery.
Speicals tuff: Multi-Coated LENS ARMOR UV.

August 18, 2012
Posted in rumors

Reminder: Current E-mount (NEX) can be used with and FF sensor.

Image courtesy: Camerasize.

One question you have is if the current E-mount can be paired with a much larger Full Frame sensor. One of my sources answer was clearly…YES! A reminder: Sony manager Toru Kotsumotu (Source: and David Kilpatrick (Source: Photoclubalpha) said that a FF sensor within an E-mount is possible. And if you look at the image on top (Courtesy: Camerasize) you can see that the E-mount can indeed fit an FF sensor inside the camera. For comparison just look at the M9 mount :)

UDPATE: This is an image made by Alphacorner (Thanks!)

That said I am working on the full details from the new Sony NEX FF strategy. All I can say is that you don’t have to expect a sort of FF NEX-7 to be launched now. If the rumors I am getting are correct there will be a “different” kind of camera first…Stay tuned on SAR!

Something different. A close friend from our rumor websites started a small blog to tell her daily stories in Greece. If you are interested in these kind of stories check it out: (Good Luck!)

August 17, 2012
Posted in deals

NEX-EA50 preorders at BHphoto (and catching up with some news)

The last Full Frame NEX rumor may overshadowed the NEX-EA50 release :) Time to give you some new link to the new camcorder:
1) Preorder, Price and Specs are now up at BHphoto (Click here). Expected availability is Ocotber 15th
2) Link to the full overview at Sony UK.
3) A first video with…le’ts be honest…terrible music is up on Youtube.

What I am still missing is the new 18-200mm Powerzoom price info. Did you find it? Would be nice to know if we NEX (3/5/7) owners can use and buy this lens for our NEX cameras.


August 17, 2012
Posted in rumors

(SR5) Sony NEX goes Full Frame!!!!


This is a very short but almost revolutionary rumor…

I just learned via (many) trusted sources that the third revolution from Sony is about to happen. After the SLT and NEX introductions (first two revolutions) Sony is about to change the photographic and video industry with the third revolution… a new Full Frame NEX system!

I am now working on the details of that “revolution”. If all works fine I will have some news to post about it within the next days. I want to be 99% sure about what I am going to post here….so dear sources send me all the info you can at or use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar…Thanks!

As usual with rumors keep your expectations low and be aware that this is a rumor based on mysterious sources and NON-facts. Keep also in mind that I have been told this is just a “Start” (whatever it means). But this may be the first time I believe Sony could seriously compete against Nikon and Canon and Leica in the Full Frame world. Canon C300? Nikon D800? Leica M9? Hmmm, Sony may (very) slowly catch them all :)

Stay tuned on SAR! Working within all my free time on rumors now! Please write precise questions within the comment system so that sources can read and answer them. I know the first question will be…is it possible to have a Full Frame sensor on a NEX mount? :)

Thank you all, a very tired and overworked Andrea (SAR admin).

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

August 17, 2012
Posted in rumors

TOP rumor to be posted here within one hour…stay tuned!!!!!

I have a short TOP rumor that will be posted here within one hour. Stay tuned.


P.S.: The rumor contains no image leak nor specs. Juts one very simple and revolutionizing message…

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