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March 25, 2012
Posted in reviews

Photozone: Most current NEX lenses are not good enough for the NEX-7!


Image courtesy: Photozone.

Klaus from Photozone has some bad news for us. He tested three NEX lenses and all are delivering sub average results when used on the NEX-7. The 24 Megapixel sensors demands high quality lenses and the cheaper 16mm, 18-55mm and 30mm macro can’t exploit the full sensor potential. The only exception is the 50mm f/1.8 lens and very likely the still to be tested and wonderful Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. Here are the latest three tests from Klaus:

1) The Sony E 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS (Click here to read the review) kit lens isn’t good enough for the NEX-7: “it may perform decently on lower resolution NEX cameras (the 3 and 5 series). However, its capabilities are clearly overstrained on Sony’s 24 megapixel sensor. In so far it is very surprising that Sony is also offering it bundled with the NEX 7.

2) The 16mm f/2.8 pancake (Click here to read the review): “the Sony E 16mm f/2.8 may be a controversial lens on lower resolution NEX cameras. However, it seems rather pointless to use it on the NEX 7 – 24 megapixel are way beyond the capabilities of this tiny lens.

3) Klaus also tested the A-mount Zeiss 85mm Planar lens on the NEX-7 (Click here to read the review) and while it definitely performs much better there are still some issues: “even the mighty Zeiss isn’t perfect anymore on the 24 megapixel sensor. At max. aperture the center performance is certainly very good but the border quality is a bit lower than expected. This is somewhat surprising considering the fairly big lens to sensor distance due to the required adapter. The decrease in border quality either relates to a difficult sensor characteristic or, possibly, to a sub-optimal sample of the lens.

All these lenses do deliver a better performance on other NEX cameras with lower resolution sensors like the Sony NEX-5n. This is a call for Sony to focus on the development and release of good quality lenses! The NEX-7 remains a top seller surpassing the direct competition like the Fuji X PRO 1 and Olympus E-M5 at Amazon US (place 2), Amazon Germany (place 8), Amazon France (place 4) and Amazon UK (place 17). And they would sell ton of lenses if there would be more of them.

Sony NEX-7 preorder search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Sony 50mm f/1.8 preorder search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8  preorder search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

March 25, 2012
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Sigma 30mm and 19mm release date and new reviews (In Stock in UK and Germany)

The newly announced Sigma lenses for the NEX system will start shipping in April. The 30mm lens release is scheduled for April 6 and the 19mm for April 13. Dpreview (Click here) posted some image samples of the 30mm Sigma on the NEX-7. And also the German Mittenkontakt (Click here) posted images with the exact same camera-lens combination.

The 30mm Sigma lens is in Stock on eBay UK (Click here) and Amazon Germany (Click here). USA readers can preorder the lens at BHphoto (Click here).

Source: Sigma Japan.

March 24, 2012
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NEX-FS100 firmware release delayed (hope this won’t happen with the A77 too).

Sony PRO (Click here) announced the delay of the long awaited NEX-FS100 firmware release. Planned release date is now April 19. As you know also the new A77 firmware is supposed to e launched next week on march 29. Let’s hope they will not delay that too!

P.S.: You can see the full A77 new firmware features list here:

March 23, 2012
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The Sony sensor inside the Nikon D800 is the best of it’s class (says DxOmark)

As you know it is the Sony 36 Megapixel Full Frame sensor that powers the current Nikon D800 topseller camera (Click here to see the ranking). And as far as I know Nikon has a (one year?) exclusivity on that sensor. DxOmark just tested the sensor quality (Click here). It beats all current FF sensors and “is comparable to the best medium-format sensor, and in fact does even better — much better — as ISO increases.” It shows that Sony sensor technology greatly improved during the last couple of years. Even Canon has to worry.

My guess is that the Canon 5DmarkIII is loosing his war against the Nikon D800. This may be a chance for Sony if they don’t wait to much. A double SLT FF camera announcement (24 and 36 Megapixels) would probably be the right thing to do!

March 23, 2012
Posted in deals

Five Sony NEX-7 kits in Stock at Amazon (Update: Sold out!)

Hurry! Five NEX-7 kits are in Stock and shipping by Amazon itself (Click here). More NEX-7 search links here: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

UPDATE: After 7 minutes only all five cameras were sold out :(

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