Petition for MLU on Sony Alpha DSLRs


As you know Sony “refuses” to implement MLU in Alpha cameras. That’s why you should sign the petition which asks Sony to consider this feature in future cameras:

To: Sony Alpha Design & Product Management

We the undersigned as Sony Alpha DSLR customers or those considering Sony Alpha DSLRs, understand that not all cameras can have all features, but feel that Mirror Lock-up MLU is feature that should be on any camera that suports the wired remote that can trigger the 2 sec time where MLU was on the A100 and A700.

This petition asks that if possible MLU be added to the following cameras by Firmware update if possible. (Service Manuals show the A200 and A700 shutter / mirror system is nearly identical)

We also ask the Sony not design MLU out of future DSLR cameras.


P.S: Thanks to the one who sent me the link!


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