Superdeal for Europe: Four refurbished A77 bodys in Stock! Save 150 pounds (130 Euro)!


The A77 is more and more difficult to find in Stock and the price is rising. But I just found four manufacturer refurbished A77 bodies in Stock for 150£ (120Euro) less than the original price! They are sold by cameracenter UK on eBay (Click here). Guess what? i bet they will be sold out within minutes! So hurry!

For comparison: The price at Jessops (Click here) is 1149£. The price is even higher at (Click here), (Click here) and (Click here).

One more refurbished deal. The Sony A900 is in Stock for 1699£ only again at cameracenter on eBay (Click here). You save 300£ (or 400 Euro) on the original price!