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Also David Kilpatrick confirms the NEX-FF is coming in October!


The NEX-FF is quite a secret Sony project but the we already know that there will be two cameras and two Zeiss prime lenses. Launch is expected in late September or early October. Availability before Christmas. Today also our friend David Kilpatrick got a confirmation from his sources that:

there’s an RX1 with interchangeable lenses, just what we asked for when the camera was first seen at photokina

And he also writes:

The body is exactly the same size and the mount is thought to be a modified E-mount with additional contacts to enable the silent leaf-shutter and iris action which is the hallmark of the RX1 as a ‘stealth’ shooter. It’s possible that the RX1-N (not necessarily its name) lenses will fit other E-mount bodies, but existing E-mount lenses won’t fit the new mini-Leica-style body. But it may also contain a focal plane shutter, as there is such a high potential demand to retrofit [shoplink 19605 ebay]Leica M[/shoplink] and other vintage lenses to a full frame body of this size.

David also speculates about some lenses (like the 35mm f/2.0) but he evidently didn’t read the latest leaks here on SAR. The lens is actually a Zeiss 35mm f/2.8. So take his “speculations” with a grain of salt. And the camera is a NEX and will not feature an RX name. What’s correct is the basic rumor he got from his source. A compact E-mount FF camera is coming in October. Yes, that’s correct.

The current SR5 NEX-FF rumors can be read on that article on SAR.

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