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Canon EOS-R specs leaked: Superb autofocus, 8fps, no IBIS, no dual slot


The full Canon EOS-R specification sheet has been leaked (PDF file here). And here are some

Canon PRO points versus Sony:
1) 5,655 Autofocus points (693 for the A7III): I am actually not sure if that’s a typo in their spec sheet. 5 thousand AF points sounds really crazy!
2) EV-6: This is terrific
3) Has top-LCD
4) Fully articulated screen

Sony PRO points versus Canon:
1) ISO 100-40.000 for the Canon (Sony has ISO 100-51.200)
2) 1080 60fps while Sony can go up to 1080 120fps
3) 8fps while Sony does 10fps. It only does 2.2 fps with Dual Pixel RAW
4) No Dual Card slot
5) No IBIS
6) No LOG
7) Canon uses older 30MP sensor

Seems like Canon clearly focused on…AUTOFOCUS. Smart move I think. At least unlike Nikon they have a unique and attractive feature!

via MirrorlessRumors via Nokishita

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