Pentax announces the “Q” mirrorless system (it uses a 1:2.33 Sony backlit sensor)

Pentax displayed a new “Q” mirrorless camera. That camera is smaller than the smallest camera to date, the [shoplink 7207]Sony NEX-C3[/shoplink]. But that was ony possible by using an ultra tiny 1:2.33 inch sensor (what the hell?). For the record, Pentax uses a 1:2.33 inch backlit sensor. You can read more about the Pentax “Q” on

What’s more important is that Pentax will release a more advanced mirrorless system in autumn. And they will probably use Sony APS-C sensor! I would have loved if Pentax would have joined the NEX system but instead they will make their own new mount :(

Download the new Sony NEX-3/5 and A33/A55 firmware!!! (UPDATE with first tests)

The new Sony NEX-3/4 firmware version 4 is now available for download at Sony Japan (Click here). It’s a multilanguage version!

The Sony A33 and A55 firmware is here at Sony Japan (japanese!).

UPDATE: First picture effect tests made with the A55 at (Thanks Roni!).

UPDATE_2: More download links (Thanks to all who esnt this in):

Now available in Europe too! See NEX-5 in Uk (change the country and camera if you want a different download):

Australian site Mac downloads:
A33 –
A55 –
NEX-5 –
NEX-3 –

Asia Windows download:
NEX-5 –
NEX-3 –

Sony TidBits (Sony NEX-FS100 in Stock at BHphoto!)

The video on top shows a Sony’s FS100 “First Look” from Doug Jensen at And what’s more important for you is that you can now get the Sony NEX-FS100 at Bhphoto (Click here). Yes it is in Stock!

Very first review of the new Samyang 35mm f/1.4 lens at Focus Numerique. It has been tested on a Nikon but you can see the image samples to see how good the lens is. You can get the lens on [shoplink 7380 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink] and Amazon (Click here).

Sony Cyber-shot TX10 review (CameraLabs).

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Review at Photographyblog.  Direct HX9V search links to [shopcountry 7344].

Bruno Calendini a testé le NEX-5 pour le Monde de la Photo (Alpha Numerique).

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Competition for the NEX-C3: Panasonic announces the GF3

Panasonic announced the new Panasonic GF3 (here on Amazon) which competes against the [shoplink 7207]Sony NEX-C3[/shoplink]. But Panasonic didn’t manage to beat the NEX-C3 in term of size reduction. The Panasonic G3 is a bit less wide but the NEX-C3 is less height (and that despite the use of a bigger sensor). The real advantage of the m43 are the smaller pancake lenses. I do hope Sony will rethink their roadmap and add some nice primes!

P.S.: Direct search links to NEX-C3 preorders: [shopcountry 7207].

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You all will have noticed that google marks this website as “dangerous”. There have been a hack attempt tonight we solved very quickly. The problem is google blocked the website. I asked google to reaccept the website but sadly google will need a the whole day to reaccept the website. In summary, SonyAlphaRumors is a safe website but it’s google that is very slow in updating their servers!