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Dear readers!

I switched the whole website on a new server. I need some time to fix some issue. Will let you know when everything works fine.

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New rumors coming :)

Dear readers!

Like you I have not been really happy to see mockups only at PMA. Normally when a company shows you something like that you get the feeling that you will have to wait a lot of time to wait before you can see the REAL cameras. But during the last days I received some surprising rumors! I am still waiting to get some confirmations from other source but I really believe Sony is going to surprise us…in a good way! No more mockups :)

So stay tuned, as soon as I can I will give you the good news!

P.S.: I hope the new layout is a step in the right direction. Now it should be easier for you to read our least I hope so!

Sony TidBits

Unboxing the 135mm f 1.8 CZ
P.S.: The Sony 135mm f/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar Lens is currently in Stock on amazon (Click the link to visit the product page)

Imaging-Resource Interview: Masashi Imamura and Naruhiko Odashima, Sony. Read the forum reactions on DYXUM
Sony “Exmor R” CMOS Image Sensors Achieve a Dramatic Increase in Performance:
Sony CX-News Tells about New Products, 2nd Generation 1.4um Pixel (Image Sensor World)

Ken Rockwell intrigued by the Sony A850!

It happens that Ken Rockwell is one of the most famous Photographyblogger of the world. And it happens that he visited the Sony PMA stand. And what did he say?
I’m intrigued by the Sony Alpha 850, which for $2,000, seems like a very competent DSLR, which just happens to be full-frame, 24MP, and with a slew of available Zeiss lenses.
If I was starting from scratch and wanted a DSLR for nature and landscape, I’d have a hard look at the A850.

That’s good advertising for Sony!

The bad part is that he also noticed that the PMA Sony isn’t really good: “Sadly, Sony doesn’t do trade shows right. When I walked up to the Sony booth, the guy trying to help show me the Alpha 850 and Alpha 900 had no real idea of what they were, and didn’t care enough to try to find someone who did. It was as bad as a bad retail store. This is weird, at a trade show, usually everyone there knows everything about everything, but not at Sony. The same thing happened last year.!

That’s bad advertising for Sony :(