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Sony A99 – DSLR Fast Start

Sony hosts workshops with the World Photography Awards in London (Dpreview).
Sports á la NEX-7 (Matthewdurrphotography).
HolyManta internal ND lens Adapters (Fundedbyme).

Icie: “I did a creative environmental portrait shoot with the NEX-5R and some lights. Mostly used a tilt adapter with a Leica Elmarit-R 28mm f/2.8 lens for this.

Marcin:I’m currently a member of Dyxum and I just saw one of the recent posts by Eric Lew. He recently came back from his trip to Antarctica and shared with us his amazing pictures. He mentions horrible conditions he encountered and how it not affected the way his Sony A77 worked as well as 16-50 and 70-400 Sony lenses. You can find his blog along with those pictures under this address:

JinJu:I’ve found this info on a Korean dslr fan site. The reason for RX1’s slow AF speed is turned out to be its hardware, specially the heavy lenses that are actuated for focusing. I’ve included brief translation of the post. the first one is the translation, the other being the original text

Chris:For your readers work roundup I have a test comparing the A99 to the Nex5n and EM5 video. The A99 is terrible, much worse than the Nex5n and the EM5.”

Sony admits Zeiss 50mm lens launch has been delayed because of unexpected high demand!

Sony Japan (Source delayed the launch of the new Zeiss 50mmf /1.4 A-mount lens because of the “exceptional high demand”. The lens should have been shipped from may but now the date has been postponed to July 26. BHphoto (Click here) still reports July 10 as shipping date but I am sure that they will change it soon. Meantime Rokinon announced that the new Tilt Shift lens will ship next week (See Bhptoto).

The Zeiss preorders can be taken at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and SonyStore USA (via AlphaCameraDeals). In Europe at Wex UK and Amazon DE.


Finally good news: Sony doubled its profit forecast!

After years of losses Sony is finally back to profit!

Sony has officially doubled its profit forecast for the fiscal year that ended on 31st March, raising the tally from ¥20 billion ($201m) to ¥40 billion ($403m). Sony had “luck” because the depreciation of the yen helped them out. Also the financial service division had a stronger performance than expected. There is still no info about the digital imaging business but full Sony report will be released on May 9th.

It will be interesting to read in their upcoming report what theit forecast is. As I told you this week we will likely have only one new interchangeable camera this year. This surely doesn’t help to generate cash this year.


More info at Pushsquare, USA Today, Reuters,

The Hasselblad Lunar gets delayed too!

After the NEX-7n also the Hasselblad Lunar announcement has been delayed! Amateur Photographer reports that: “Hasselblad has since told AP that the Lunar is ‘scheduled’ for June availability, but its spokesperson did not give a reason for the later launch date.


…This is just pure speculation but try to put together the puzzles and you get this:
1) First SAR got info that the NEX-7 successor could be announced in April.
2) Then Hasselblad told Amateur Photogrpaher that they would launch the Lunar in April
3) SAR reports the NEX-7 successor launch has been delayed
4) Now Hasselblad delay’s the launch of the Lunar too

If there is a connection between the news than we can assume that:
1) The Lunar is actually based on the new NEX-7n and not on the current NEX-7. And that could be the reason why Hasselbald had to delay the launch -> because Sony delayed the NEX-7n release and Hasselblad can’t steal the show :)
2) If the Lunar will get announced in June than this means the NEX-7n will come in June too :)

Of course, that’s just me speculating. Am I wrong? Sources are welcome to share their thoughts about my theory by sending me a message at or by using the anonymous contact form. Thanks!


Source: Amateur Photographer (found via Photorumors).

New Zeiss E-mount zoom for filmmakers (and for $19,900 owners).

Image source

Zeiss is well know for their CP Cine Lenses (here at BHphoto). And at the recent NABshow Zeiss announced the new CZ.2 28-80 T2.9 which will also be sold as E-mount lens. It has the following features:

1) It has what ZEISS calls a “sweet spot effect” (uniformity of illumination)
2) Covers the Full Frame area (good for the VG900!)
3) it is conform to “4K production standards”
4) Front diameter is 95mm and wight is 2.5 to 2.8 kilograms (5.5 to 6.2 pounds).

That massive huge lens isn’t really cheap. It costs €14,900 or US$19,900 (excluding VAT).

(Source: Fdtimes).



(UPDATED)First “Lens Turbo” auction on eBay.

[shoplink 18056 ebay][/shoplink]


(UPDATED) The Chinese company making the adapters contact us to say that these first Nikon to NEX “Lens Turbo” adapters are still NOT IN STOCK. The auction can be found here on [shoplink 18056 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. Please be aware that these do not ship.

As you know the “Lens Turbo” works like the well known “Speed Booster” from metabones.

P.S: Thanks to the anonymous source for sending me this!

Sony HX50V announced.

Sony today announced the new HX50V compact camera. The camera features a 20 Megapixel 1/2.3″ BSI sensor. And has a huge 24-720mm f/3.5-6.3 zoom. The full press release can be read at Dpreview, ThePhoBlographer, some image samples at Photographyblog and preorders at Amazon and SonyStore.

What’s more important for us is that Zeiss will have an announcement on May 7th. Be sure to be on SAR that day!