RUMOR: Sony A7cII will be released about one year after the A7IV (which is coming in September)

I just got this which sound very reasonable:

I got info that development of a7c ii started. Release is scheduled for one year after A7IV which will be announced late September. No specs are known both for a7iv and a7c ii but one thing is 100% sure that a7cii will be again just smaller version of a7iv. Also the overall body will be smaller than first a7c but according to schematics, evf will be bigger, probably with higher resolution.

Other sources already told me the A7IV is scheduled to be released in September.

Wild Rumors roundup: A7IV, A9III, A7rV

About those rumors: I have no idea who sent them and 90% of the times they turn out to be wrong. But, it happened in the past that a couple of those were right. So I will post them today, and we all together can eventually keep track of this. If one of the sources turns out to be right than we will know we can trust it a bit more!

Source 1:

Looks like one of the 7r5 prototypes has 102MP.

Source 2:

New exmor RS faster than one inside A1 is on the way.  Probably A9iii, because lower resolution and similar tech.

Source 3:

Full Frame 4K@30
4K@60/120 crop

Source 4:

Besides A1, no other 8K Alpha this year.  Fuji is gonna bring 1,  Nikon 2 and Canon 3 cameras.

Source 5:

zv 10
bridge rx10
high end apsc
this year.

A global shortage of components seems to be the cause of the delay for the Sony ZV-E10 launch

Image on top shows the current ZV-1 fixed lens camera

I got this not only from Sony but also from other manufacturers sources. There seems to be a global shortage and consequent price hike of some components necessary to make cameras. Journalists are having their hands on the Sony ZV-E10 for quite some time now but now have been unofficially told that the announcement should happen in late June (with no date unveiled yet).

Those are the camera specs:

  • 24MP APS-C Sensor
  • Kit lens will be a Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6
  • XAVC-S 4k 25p 100mbps
  • FHD 100p
  • Standard and Active stabilization
  • Auto exposure with face priority
  • Product feature autofocus mode (will lock focus on faces unless there is a product shown closer to the camera)
  • Button for Bokeh mode (priotitizes lowest aperture)
  • Dedicated button to swap between S&Q/Photo/Video
  • USB-c tether direct streaming to pc. (Plug and play)
  • fully articulating screen
  • Sony A5xxx body with no EVF
  • Price around $899 (900 Euro)

This will be Sony’s high end vloggers and streamer camera.