RUMOR: Yes, Sony plans to launch the first f/1.2 GM lens this year…if Covid19 outbreak doesn’t get worse

Image on top shows my very own Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE lens

I got this rumors from one of my best sources: The same source shared these correct 135mm GM (rumor here), 35mm f/1.8 FE (rumor here) and 20mm f/1.8 FE (rumor here) info. As you see he has a very good track on lenses. Well, he now told me that:

Sony will launch the first f/1.2 fast GM lens in 2020

Note that this is scheduled to happen this year only if the Covid19 outbreak doesn’t get much worse. That said this isn’t a surprise. Sony manager Kenji Tanaka said f/1.2 FE lenses are a possibility (article here). The question now is:

What lens would you like to get?

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Just for fun: What if Sony really makes a new A9r using that new Sony 102 MP sensor?

Last year I reported about this new Sony sensor having 102 Megapixels and 6k recording. The specs are stunning:

2.91um pixel architecture, 100MP @ 10fps, 6K video using 12bit ADC with on-chip binning/line-skipping. 4K RGB 4:4:4 video with on-chip colour-aware binning.

This 12288 x 8192 100MP sensor employs a unique, CFA-based column-parallel ADC design:

The sensor is said to perform better than A7III in terms of dynamic range, sensitivity (QE) and readout speed. Here is the 4K RGB 4:4:4 readout mode:

This sensor will be available for third party manufacturers too. The question now is:

Woudl you love to get a High End A9r with new larger body design and this new 102MP sensor?

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RUMOR: Sony 12-24 f/2.8 GM lens announcement will be delayed. And lens price will be around $4,000!

Image on top shows the current Sigma 14-24mm FE
The same source whom correctly shared our first exclusive 20mm f/1.8 FE lens rumor also shared new details on the future Sony 12-24 f/2.8 GM lens:
1224GM announcement delayed by the Coronavirus outbreak.
the price could be around 4000$ !
lens can be equipped rear filter, maybe like 400/2.8.

The 12-24mm GM lens was previously rumored to be announced in Q2. I guess it’s no surprise the Covid19 outbreak will delay the launch of this lens.

What’s impressive is the high price tag! $4,000 for a wide angle lens is a lot. But from what I heard this is a superb quality lens and surely the fact that it might have the same 400mm GM rear filter system makes it clear this lens is made for landscape PRO photographers.

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WILD RUMOR: Possible Sony PXW-FX6 specs…

Sony will showcase three new Cine E-mount lenses including the 16-35mm T/3.1 FE Cine lens (in the center of the image)

Sony just announced they will have a press conference on April 20.

There is little chance they will unveil the A7sII successor. At best e can hope to get a teaser or development announcement.
But there might be a chance to get a new Sony PXW-FX6. There are the bits of rumors I got on this E-mount camcorder:

Sony PXW-FX6 is the successor to the hugely popular PXW-FS5. The new full frame PXW-FX6 follows the design from PXW-FS5 with a light weight camera body and at the same time gets a thing or two from the PXW-FX9. The body color will be the same as FX9 and they will share the same sensor.

The new FX6 will record up to 3840×2160 at 30fps and in 1920×1080 up to 120fps. Recording media is SDXC and 10-bit 4:2:2 LongGOP XAVC-L codec. As the same sensor as the FX9 is used the hybrid auto focus system will be the same. Raw output for 3840×2160 up to 60fps is provided from the SDI output.
Both S-Cinetone and S-log3 as recording gamma options are included but there’s no real LUT support but a simple view assist.

The camera body will be updated with better weather sealing and both the rear EVF and LCD screen will have a boost in resolution. Also the mount and frame is more robust to handle heavier full frame lenses.

Sony will also announce the original PXW-FS7 to become discontinued later during this year and the FS7 II will see a price drop in the fall.

Pricing is set to around $7000 and available late summer 2020.

Still I hope Sony will at least gives us a clear answer of when they plan to announce the A7sIII. Form what I heard we can expect the new camera to be on market by September/October…

RUMOR: Sony A7IV coming this year and Sony A7rIV low resolution shooting mode in the works?

A source shared some tidbits about Sony and Zeiss:

About Sony he said:

Sony representatives mentioned that we should expect the a7IV later this year and NOT at the CP+
A different Sony representative mentioned that they are actively working on allowing a7RIV shooters to shoot at lower MegaPixels. He mentioned that it’s been one of the highest requests, so they’re working on it.

About Zeiss he said:

Zeiss expects their ZX1 camera early summer or late spring. They also might consider developing more lenses for E-mount, but they still considered the 40 to be new, so not sure about that.