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October 20, 2017
Posted in rumors

(UPDATED) Sony registered another new camera with the code “WW541200”

A chinese reader just noticed that Sony registered a new camera code “WW541200” in Asia.

This means we now have two new codes:
WW541200 (no info on original registration country)
WW940439 (Original registration in China)

It’s important to note that cameras registered first in China are usually RX or compact cameras. While System Cameras are registered first in Japan. This means the “WW940439” code is likely for a new RX camera that will be announced soon. No guarantee yet on what the other two codes are about…

Model name/Code name/Registered by Sony Japan
? WW541200 ?
ILCE-9 WW361847 Japan
ILCE-6500 WW213019 Japan
ILCA-99M2 WW067022 Japan
ILCE-6300 WW906746 Japan
ILCE-7SM2 WW898259 Japan
ILCE-7RM2 WW325951 Japan
ILCE-7M2 WW328278 Japan
ILCE-7S WW328274 Japan
ILCE-7R WW328261 Japan
ILCE-7 WW328262 Japan
ILCE-QX1 WW024382 Japan

Model name/Code name/Registered by Sony China
?WW940439 China
DSC-RX10M4 WW173777 China
DSC-RX0 WW620081 China
DSC-RX1RM2 WW843944 Japan
DSC-RX10M3 WW411000 China
DSC-RX10M2 WW136512 China
DSC-RX10 WW808143 China
DSC-RX100M5 WW605351 China
DSC-RX100M4 WW481040 China
DSC-RX100M3 WW808161 China
DSC-HX90V WW247506 ?
DSC-HX90 WW408340 China
DSC-WX500 WW220188 China
DSC-KW1/KW11 WW808162 Japan
DSC-HX350? WW158299 China

October 20, 2017
Posted in rumors

Don’t buy the Sony a7rII yet: New up to $600 savings to be launched on Sunday!

On Sunday Sony will launch up to $600 rebates on Sony cameras and lenses. On the Sony A7rII you will get a full $500 discount. If you plan to buy new cameras or lenses just wait til Sunday!

New deals and in Stock info:
The new RX10m4 is in stock at BHphoto (Click here).
You can finally preorder the new Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 FE lens for $799 at BHphoto (Click here). That’s exactly half the price of the Sony-Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 FE lens.
Voigtlander did just slash the price of the 65mm FE macro lens by $60. You get it now for $999 on Amazon and BHphoto.
The new Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE lens is now in stock at Amazon and BHphoto.

In Australia new A7 rebates have just been launched:



October 20, 2017
Posted in rumors

Fool me once (A7III) fool me twice (A7sIII) you will not fool me now (Oct 25 event)

The last 12 months I posted a long set of correct rumors (Just click on those link to read them: Sony A9, 100-400mm FE, 85mm FE, 100mm STF, 16-35mm GM, 135mm Batis).

But the last two announcement (Sept 12 and Oct 18) something happened with two sources whom shared some of the correct rumors I got in these last 12 months. Both sources shared the correct Sony press event date but also the wrong info on what would be announced (They said A7III and A7sIII ….but it was RX10m4 and a new camcorder). Although I never posted the a7III and A7sIII rumor with the highest SR5 rank it still is unusual for me to post two mistaken SR4 ranked rumors in row.

This drove me crazy and I spent day and night to figure out what happened. Long story short: For obvious privacy reason I cannot go into detail of this. But I think I figured out what went wrong and this kind of errors should happen much much less in future.

I apologize to my readers for my last two mistakes and I kindly ask you to understand that this was done in good faith.

But the October 25 event will hopefully cheer us all up. Like I told you yesterday the October 25 event is a synchronized worldwide event with photographers and journalists invited on different location (New York, London and so on) at the exact same time. I doubt Sony is doing all that buzz for nothing and we will hopefully get something a bit more exciting than just a RX10m4 or camcorder.

Thanks You!

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The difference between SAR and other rumors sites: at net of my mistakes: Unlike all other sites I got a number of rumors right while they are not (see list on top). And even now I am the only one giving you the October 25 10am announcement date (with image proof). That news of course is now picked up by all other rumor sites without in many case to credit me. They always do it: shit on this site (perfectly legit in a free world) but at the same time take the information whenever they like without to credit.

Ranking rumor reminder: Rumors from SR1 up to SR3 are not from my usual “pot” of sources (and therefore non-reliable). Rumors from SR4 to SR5 usually are (SR4 being 70% reliable and SR5 being 90% reliable).

October 19, 2017
Posted in rumors

This Sony October 25 announcement is of the same kind of the A9 announcement

On October 25 at 10am New York time Sony has the next press event. This is the fourth Sony announcement in less than two months (RX0 on August 31, RX10m4 on Sept 12 and the new camcorder this week).

But this October 25 event is entirely different from the previous three. Many photographers and bloggers around the world got invited in different locations at EXACTLY the same time of the New York event. This year we only had this kind of “synchronized” event for the Sony A9. New A7 camera(s) would be appropriate for such a major marketing work.  This time folks, we will get something more…”serious”.

I really want the...

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October 19, 2017
Posted in rumors

Macphun answer to Adobe Lightroom will be launched in 2018. And here is the first teaser video!

Pissed off by the fact that Adobe killed the Lightroom standalone version? Well we have good news to report. Macphun (Click here) shared to us this new teaser video of their new Digital Asset Management platform that will be launched in 2018!

After recent Adobe news about Lightroom updates, we received a lot of questions about our plans for creating a photo manager, so we’d like to shed some light on this.
At the moment we’re working on the digital asset manager (“DAM”) which will work with both hard drives and cloud storage platforms. It’s going to be a perfect tool for organizing and managing images. Moreover, users will be able to run it along with LR library to compare both DAMs side by side and choose which fits them better.
The new DAM will be added to Luminar in 2018, and will be a free update to everyone who owns Luminar 2018. We’ll be releasing more details soon.
In the meanwhile here’s a short video about the new DAM from Macphun:

More info will be posted soon here on SAR on November 1 :)


October 19, 2017
Posted in rumors

Sony press announcement on October 25 at 10am NYC time!

Sony will have a major press event in New York City on October 25 at 10am local time. I probably will be able to embed the video live stream here on SAR.

As usual it’s impossible to be 100% sure of what could be announced. All we know is that Sony registered two new cameras in Asia. One being likely a new FF E-mount camera and one probably a new RX.

This is what I got the past weeks from sources that shared correct info in the past. But as we have seen this isn’t a guarantee that they are right all the time! So here is the list of stuff I got info about. I repeat some of this might NOT be announced at PhotoPlus:

A7sIII: Big price, Big features and with same A9 PDAF system
A7III: 24MP, 6fps, extended ISO up to 200.000, joystick control, touchscreen and similar or same A9 PDAF. Shipment in early 2018
A7rIII: 2018 release
400mm FE lens: Probably f/2.8
135mm FE lens: Probably f/1.8
20mm f/2.8: G low cost lens

From all that list the tele lens is the one I rate the highest chance to be announced. To be sure to not miss any of the upcoming news do this:
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October 18, 2017
Posted in rumors

Confirmed Sony press event at Photoplus (Sony registered two new camera codes)

The NABshow did open today. The Sony teased  exciting new camera is actually the new HXC-FB80 camcorder and not a new A7sIII we were hoping to see.

All I can give you as new information is that today more sources confirmed there is another Sony press event before the start of the Photoplus show on October 25.

Like I said before, I am not sure about what to expect at PhotoPlus. We got info about A7III (24MP, A9 autofocus, 6fps), A7sIII (same A9 PDAF), 135mm FE and 400mm FE lenses. But none of the sources so far could say with 100% certainty WHEN exactly this stuff will be announced. At Photoplus you might expect something from that product pool or nothing at all.

All I can say for sure is this:

1) There is another press event before Photoplus start.
2) Sony has officially registered two new cameras (code “WW930439” and “WW158299”).
3) Sony will announce new Alpha Stuff within 3-4 weeks (This means if it’s not at Photoplus it’s mid-late November at max).


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