Some details about the Sony mirrorless camera…. (spanish) has taken a screenshot from the new Sony mirrorless teaser. Analyzing the screen you learn following about the camera:

Integrated Flash in auto
AF-S mode
Filters?: “FH Movie”
Face recognition
Object tracking (focusing)
Some kind of image stabilization (or lens IS indicator)
Easy modes (Olympus Pen LiveGuide-like): Background Defocus
Shooting tips (like Olympus E-PL1)
Easy menus (icons, feature guided)

[Thanks Tony]

(SR5) Sony REAL mirrorless cameras to be unveileded in May

Finally some good news!
According to our sources Sony will officially release the new mirrorless camera system in May! Honestly that’s earlier than I expected.
Three trusted sources confirmed that rumor. One of them is the same source which told us about Sony unveiling mirrorless mockups and the A7xx prototype.
In this case we are 99% certain that rumor will become true!

As soon as we have detailed final specs of the cameras we will give it to you!

P.S.: Yesterday we told you that the new firmware for the Sony A850 and the Sony A900 have been postponed until May.

(SR4) A850 and A900 Firmware update release postponed (again)

Few days ago one of our trusted sources told us that Sony almost finshed the new firmware for the Sony A850 and the Sony A900 . He expected the official release for late March. The same source contacted me again and told me that the release has again be delayed. He didn’t gave me any reasons for the delay.
Also a second trusted source could confirm this rumor so I guess there is no way out form that bad news :(

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=fake rumor (1% chance the rumor will become real)
SR2=rumor from unknown and unreliable source (10-20% chance the rumor will become real)
SR3=a rumor unknown source or sources which sounds realistic (20-50% chance the rumor will become real)
SR4=rumor from our trusted sources (50-70% chance the rumor will become real)
SR5=rumor from many of external and internal sources (70-90% chance the rumor will become real)

(FT5) A very small rumor….Sony is going to surprise us (in positive)

What I am going to post you now is only a small rumor but it is coming from my very BEST source. He just told me that “Sony didn’t show everything on PMA. Expect something more to be unveiled soon” and “no mockups…REAL stuff!
I am consciuos of the fact that this is a vague rumor but I was not able to get some concrete infos. Anyway I have choosen to post the rumor because if he says that something is coming then I know that we should expect that this will really happen!

UPDATE: I have no clue how soon… “soon” is. And the speculation below is just my personal speculation. May I am wrong with it.

My bet is we could see one of the following new cameras:
– A new Fullframe Alpha camera
– The real the mirrorless cameras

(SR4) UPDATED-> Finally…Sony A850 and A900 firmware coming!

One month ago in many forums people started to say that Sony could release the long expected firmware for the A850 and the A900. We didn’t hear anything form our sources so we posted the “rumor” with a low value “SR2=from unkown sources”.

What we post now is a rumor from one of our trusted sources. The Sony A850 and the Sony A900 will be released in March!

I really hope Sony has been able to address all the critics we read in the forums during the last months!

UPDATE: I have no details about the new firmware. I was only told that it will be a “major update”.

New rumors coming :)

Dear readers!

Like you I have not been really happy to see mockups only at PMA. Normally when a company shows you something like that you get the feeling that you will have to wait a lot of time to wait before you can see the REAL cameras. But during the last days I received some surprising rumors! I am still waiting to get some confirmations from other source but I really believe Sony is going to surprise us…in a good way! No more mockups :)

So stay tuned, as soon as I can I will give you the good news!

P.S.: I hope the new layout is a step in the right direction. Now it should be easier for you to read our least I hope so!