RUMOR: Yes! Sony new 12-24mm f/2.8 GM lens will be on market this summer!!!

This is a rumor confirmed by two long time reliable sources!!!
Sony will launch a new 12-24mm f/2.8 GM lens. It will be on market by Summer 2020
This lens would be 2mm wider than the current Sigma 14-24mm FE and probably 2x the price :) No seriously, I hope Sony will be more reasonable with pricing this time! While I am sure the lens will be shipping this summer it’s unclear yet when exactly Sony will announce the lens. UPDATE: Likely coming at Photokina?
One more thing: Before that lens we likely will get other new FE lens announcement. Stay tuned!!!

2020 rumors summary:
– Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 GM lens will be on market this summer.
– Sony has officially registered a new RX/action camera code in Asia. Announcement veeery soon.
– Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens to be announced soon
– Sony might launch a new 300mm f/2.8 GM between CP+ and Photokina
– Sony A7sIII could be announced in August ahead of the IBC show
– Sony A7IV may be announced in May at the Photokina show

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Small teaser: Today full Sony wide angle lens specs will be posted at 15:00 London time ;)


This is a very solid rumor confirmed via two trusted sources. When I am back from the Louvre tour (15:00 London time) I will post this. Stay tuned!

Personal note: Broke my Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE after a 50 cm fall. Damn it :(

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RUMOR: No new E-mount camera announcement in February and A7sIII announcement ahead of the IBC show in August/September?

Now I hope this rumor is wrong :(

I got this from a single trusted source, whom rarely was wrong in the past. But I hope this is one of those rare occasions he might got the wrong info. He told me this:

1) No new E-mount camera will be announced in February ahead of the Cp+ show
2) Sony A7sIII will be announced ahead of the IBC show in August/September.

No info on the A7IV launch timing but I guess the chances stay high we will see it at Photokina. But lets’ hope I am wrong folks and we will get a new E-mount camera at CP+ already…

This is what to expect at the CP+ show (end of February): For sure we are soon getting a new compact camera model (RX or action camera). Also new E-mount lenses are likely to be announced.

This graph shows the 10 year long drop of Sony camera sales!

This graph made by shows how the camera unit sales dropped the past decade. In 2019 they sold 10% of the cameras compared to 2010. Pretty dramatic to see!

Of course the vast majority of the 2010 sales were fixed lens compact cameras. Sony (and all other companies) now (almost) completely focused their business on the (still profitable) system camera market.

Click on image to enlarge the single quarterly graph report

I am pretty sure Canon-Nikon and other companies have had a very similar decline. The real question now is if in 2020 that decline will stop. Otherwise the market really may become to small to sustain so many players.



Sony Artisan Bob Martin makes a typo and created a buzz :)

Bob Martin is well known for testing new Sony gear ahead of their announcement. Two years ago he was spotted testing the 400mm GM lens. Today he posted this IG image claiming it was shot with the A7mk4.

Many readers asked me about this so I thought it might better to address this in a public way so that I don’t have to answer all mails. UPDATE: Bob Martin now corrected his post and indeed he meant the A7rIV and not the A7IV :)

Thanks Devan!