Is this a teaser for a new Sony 8K mirrorless camera or camcorder?

We know that Sony will have a new product launch event on April 7.  And we heard that a new Sony 8k codec will be unveiled. We also heard unconfirmed info (SR3) about a new Sony RX vloggers camera using the new codec. The A7sIII seems likely to be NOT announced at the show (best we can hope is to get some early prototype info).

Today one of my readers sent me this text and image:

A very well-known and highly respected cinematography channel in China posted this photo saying it’s shot by a 8K 25P camera. And then they said on Weibo that it’s a Sony mirrorless camera. Then they deleted everything before the internet stirs. I couldn’t get a screenshot from their Weibo account saying it’s a Sony mirrorless. I’m not quite sure what’s happening here.

Don’t think this is for the A7sIII. Maybe this is a new 8K camcorder…

Question to a top source: What’s the “revolution”?

Right now a very highly reliable sources just shared some info about a camera. He said it’s a “revolution”. I am posting this to ask him to at least give us some vague details what to expect :)

To SAR readers: Sorry if I am posting this here but the source only uses the anonymous contact box and I have no other way to contact him back and ask him for specifics.

(SR4) Sony A7sIII will be announced this fall and not at the NAB show. And it will have a new innovative sensor!

Just a Sony A7sIII rendering (not the real cam).

I finally got some A7sIII time frame info from reliable sources:

Reliable source 1 (he correctly gave me the 100mm STF rumor 2 years ago).

a7sⅢ will be announced in summer (before October.) Camera have new memory stacked sensor. My source says this sensor is great innovation and changes the game. Probably Global shutter?

Source 2:

There will be no “hint” of the a7sIII on April 7. My friend at Sony told me we will see nothing until earliest this Fall.

A couple of months ago Sony said they are taking some time to develop the A7sIII because they want to exceed the customers expectations. I guess that a global shutter sensor would exactly do that. Finally a camera with ZERO Rolling Shutter which for film makers matters a lot!

But like I said, global shutter is just a speculation for now. The only fact is that Sony has launched many APS-C, MFT and smaller global shutter sensor in the past months…so technology must be ready for FF too!

Important ranking note: I am not ranking this rumor SR5 yet simply because 5 months ago another reliable source got “busted” and received wrong info from Sony. That’s why I will keep this SR4 for now in the hope these two sources didn’t get mislead too.

Next Sony product announcement on April 7. New 8K codec presentation…and some “hints” about the next generation A7sIII?

On April 7 at 2pm Las Vegas time Sony will have a new press conference with product announcements. From what I heard the A7sIII is not going to be on market any time soon. At best by late 2019. But I don’t know if Sony will still show some early prototype at the NAB show or gives us at least some early specs.

All we know for sure is that Sony plans to announce at least one more E-mount camera in Q2 (between April and June). Hot candidates are the new A6500 successor and the A7sIII (as prototype).

What’s likely is that Sony might gives us some clue on the leaked 8K codec we report about some time ago.

Rumor recap:

Sony Cameras:
FACT: Sony registered a new RX0 camera model which should be announced within the next few months (article here)
FACT: Sony confirms professional APS-C cameras are on their roadmap (article here).
FACT: Sony confirms new APS-C E-mount gear will be announced in 2019 and “exceed” expecations (article here).
RUMOR: One more E-mount camera will be announced in Q2 (90% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: Sony A7sIII not going to hit the market in first half 2019 (70% reliable)
RUMOR: RX model made for Vloggers. With dual slot andbrand new video code (50% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: Sony 8k sensors and new codec specification (90% reliable – article here).

Sony Lenses:
PATENT: Sony patented new 100mm f/1.4, 500mm f/4.0 and 600mm f/4.0 FE lenses (article here and article here).
RUMOR: New APS-C lens to be announced within Q1-Q2 (70% reliable)
RUMOR: New 35mm f/1.8 FE lens is on the roadmap (70% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: New 200-600mm FE lens is on the roadmap (50% reliable)

Third party lenses:
RUMOR: Samyang 85mm f/1.4 FE autofocus lens announcement within the next weeks (90% reliable)
RUMOR: Sigma will soon be ready to launch their first FE zoom lenses (70% reliable)
RUMOR: Sigma will launch the first proper mirrorless designed FE lenses in 2019 (70% reliable)
RUMOR: Yongnou is working on the first FE autofocus lenses and some info might be spilled out in March (90% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: New 50mm f/1.0 FE lens being developed by a chinese manufacturer (90% reliable – article here)

One more thing:
PATENT: Sony patented a new drone camera (article here).

For potential SOURCES:
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