(SR4) Sony to show some concepts of future cameras.

A small update from our sources:
SonyAlphaRumors learned that unlike other brands Sony will make a BIG presentation on PMA (Feb 21). It is very likely that Sony will show some of the future cameras concepts. T

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

As soon as I have some real good details I will post it on SonyAlphaRumors!

P.S.: I hope it will not take to long to see that “future concepts” become real!

(SR4) UPDATED: Sony A700 successor at PMA!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

You asked it and Sony answered you! On Sunday (yeah PMA starts this Sunday!) Sony is going to announce the A700 successor. The A700 successor is a camera you can’t compare with other Alpha cameras! It is the first Sony Alpha camera which records video! And not that crappy video you have seen in other cameras. I was told that the A700 successor will outperform every other Canon-Nikon camera (like the recently announced Canon 550D/T2i.

Keep following us! We will continually update you with latest rumors and the official Sony PMA news.

UPDATE: I was told that Sony could show one more Alpha camera on PMA…

(SR4) NEX 7 camera in September and new 3xx Alphas in June!

We just recieved one more confirmation about the NEX mirrorless cameras:

Design totally different to NEX5/3, and more bigger size
Spec unknow yet
Support XDCAM recording format
soonest release is on Sept, unless Panasonic announce GH2

The NEX5/3 looks like the GF1. The EVF is external

support RAW
3′ LCD,920K
11 point AF
ISO 200 to12800
720p Mp4 and AVCHD
support SDHC

Support RAW
3′ LCD,920K
11 point AF
ISO 200 to 12800
1080/24p Mp4 and AVCHD
Support SDHC

In June Sony will release new 3xx series Alpha.

Sony future sensors

VIa EOShd.com we learned that Sony’s sees the following trends in digital CMOS sensors:

– Ultra high speed
– Global shutter
– Wide dynamic range
– Increasing depth of field

More setails at EOShd.com

(SR3) The first Sony NEX mirrorless cameras are very similar to the Panasonic GF1

According to the same sources that posted the NEX5 and NEX3 specs (on a chinese forum) both cameras will be very compact. He says the shape is very similar to the Panasonic GF1 and it doesn’t have built-in electronic viewfinder. A bigger model with better video capabilities and built-in EVF is planned to be announced after the NEX5-NEX3 models.

REMINDER Fot those that still don’t know the specs:
He says the name of the mirrorless cameras will be “NEX5” and “NEX3“. They have a new mount…the “E-mount“. And they will come with two lenses: 18-55/F3.5-5.6 , 16mm/2.8.

Here the specs:

-brand new Sony E mount (adapter for A mount)
-used SDHC or MS
-RAW supported
-3.0 LCD 920K color
-11 AF point
-ISO 200-12800
-Video recording (model NEX5: 1080 NEX3:720p) format Mp4 or AVCHD
-built-in flash and AF Assistance light
-new FW50 batteries