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Cnet says they don’t believe our “Lens-Camera” rumor is true. Wanna bet I am right? :)


The screenshot has been grabbed from that Youtube video from Cnet. They don’t believe on the rumor posted by SonyAlphaRumors and made a bit of fun on us :)

Now, dear Cnet…you wanna bet with me that the rumor is correct? If I am wrong I send you a couple of superb french bottle of wine. If I am right you could offer a couple of beers when I will visit you in NYC. Deal?

Now something more interesting for our readers: The same sources that told us about the “Lens-Camera” also shared info on the NEX-FF and the Honami Smartphone-camera. And at least the last one has been officially confirmed via FCC registration (Source: GSMarena). Be ready for a round of beer Cnet guys! And to SAR readers, be ready to read some new NEX-FF rumor soon! ;)

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