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Cool (and expensive) stuff from Sony: Binoculars with built-in video recording feature!


Sony announced two new binoculars with built-in recording features (the DEV-3 and DEV-5)! You can read a preview written by our freind David Kilpatrick at Photoclubalpha (Click here). A full press release is available at Engadget (Click here).

UPDATE: You can already buy the two binoculars at Amazon US:
DEV-3 at Amazon (Click here).
DEV-5 at Amazon (Click here).

Below you can see a first preview made by a suisse website (there are english subtitles):

One more thing: David wrote: “An invitation to a Sony event on August 15th seemed perfectly timed for the announcement of the Alpha 77 and 65, NEX-7 and NEX-5n. In fact, those cameras are to be launched in Greece before August 24th when their embargo will be lifted – and Photoclubalpha, as a very minor player in this business, is not on the guest list.

Yes, the new Sony cameras and lenses will be announced in a huge event in Greece on August 24. And I found it pity that Sony didn’t invite David. Doesn’t matter how small his website is, he is a long time Alpha shooter and writer! Come one Sony!

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