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Correction on the Eric Naso A6300 overheating article



Dear SAR readers. Yesterday I posted a link to Eric’ Naso’s article about the A6300 overheating issue. I wrote the post last week before I started my vacation with my family and did schedule the article to be posted yesterday (personal note: This is my first real vacation in years).

Now shit happened and Eric further tested his claims and now came to another different conclusion that faster cards do not help the to solve the issue. He updated the post while I was offline. Of course some readers not knowing this situation claimed I am unprofessional. But this is just a stupid wrong coincidence:

This is the first original article from Eric I was referring too:
And while is was busy travelling with my family (and had no internet connection) he changed it to this:

Thanks SAR readers and Eric for your understanding. Wish you all a nice vacation of you have (or going to have) one ;)

First note: For those who still don’t know me. This is not a “professional” site. There isn’t a bunch of writers paid through direct company advertisement. There is just me… :=)

As a second note: I am a bit upset by some of the commenters who accused me of being unprofessional. Why? Because they knew that the article got updated and they didn’t simply gently ask me if I noticed the article got updated. As a polite person should wonder before to spread shit on the comment system :)


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