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Daniel Malmberg got “Hinted” the Sony A9II will be coming before the Olympics…


Leaked image of the new A9II

Professional Swedish Sports photographer Daniel Malmberg wrote this:

Sony also informed a bit about their plans for professional sports photographers.
One thing that i really like is that they will be present at more of the big sports events with loaner equipment and service.
This includes both the Euro 2020 and the Olympics in Tokyo.

Even though i don’t know about any specific details.
I also received “indirect” information, from a discussion between a Sony representative and one attendee, about the fact that there will be a new Sony camera aimed for sports photographers on the market before the Olympics next year. It was not said in “straight out word”.
But it was really clear “between the words”. (Anything else would honestly be a big surprise).

I am confident the new A9II will be announced the second half of October.

Now all we need is to get the camera specs. If “someone” would be kind enough to send me an anonymous message with the specs please use this anonymous contact box :)
Please use a  fake name so that I can recognize you in future and if possible also some evidence to support your “rumor”.

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