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First Speedmaster PRO “Dark Knight” FE lenses in Stock (and first unboxing video).

[shoplink 27366 ebay][/shoplink]

If you are mad for speed there is nothing better than get the newly updated Speedmaster 50mm f/.095 “Dark Knight” edition that is for the first time in Stock via Hong Kong sellers on eBay:
[shoplink 28563 ebay]Breguet Camera (Click here)[/shoplink],
[shoplink 28562 ebay]Imake store (Click here)[/shoplink],
[shoplink 28564 ebay]Qy Camera (Click here)[/shoplink],
[shoplink 28565 ebay]Roxen store (Click here)[/shoplink],
[shoplink 28566 ebay]Muchmall store (Click here)[/shoplink],

And it will ship soon at BHphoto (Click here) too.

As reported before these are the improvements of the new version:

1. Improved lens coating, which makes the lens have better performance
2. Filter thread changed to 67mm from 58mm
3. New bayonet lens hood to prevent light flare and improve “back light “s situation performance.

And here is the first unboxing video of the enw Speedmaster Dark Knight edition:

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