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First Tamron 17-28mm FE lens review: It’s even a bit sharper than the Sony 16-35mm GM!


The 999 Euro Tamron 17-28mm FE versus the 2400 Euro Sony 16-35mm GM

The German folks from Krolop&Gerst posted the world’s first full review of the new Tamron 17-28mm FE lens. It’s a 30 minute long video in German (activate auto translation if you don’t speak german).

In Summary this is what the reviewer had to say:

– Center of image: At 17mm the Tamron is as sharp as the Sony at 17mm in the
– Border of the image: At 17mm the Tamron is sharper on the edges than the Sony at 17mm
– At 28mm same kind of results
– At 28mm the 17-28mm FE is as sharp as the 28-75mm FE
– The 17-28mm FE is as sharp as the Sony 28mm f/2.0 prime lens (and the prime lens has more Chromatic Aberrations)
– There is only little chromatic aberration (green and not magenta)
– Color looks very natural
– Autofocus is fast

Overall this is an excellent lens!

Don’t forget that today the preorders will open at 11pm Eastern time at BHphoto, Amazon, FocusCamera, BuyDig and Adorama.

SAR note: To be fair the Sony 16-35mm GM also has a much wider focal range which obviously makes it a bit more difficult to achieve absolute sharpness.

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