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Full details, specs, image samples of the four new Tamron FE lenses officially released!!!


Tamron already published some info about he four new FE lenses today. The lenses will be officially unveiled at 11pm New York time today (that’s 5am tomorrow in Berlin). Probably the only small disappointment is that the zoom lens will be available sometimes in 2020  only  :(


Tonight, Tamron Lenses USA is proud to announce the release and availability of 3 new compact prime lenses (all with 1:2 macro capability), and the development of the final component to our light weight, high performance trinity of zoom lenses for Sony E-mount cameras. All sporting 67mm filter threads because, hey, it’s a good theme to maintain 

Tamron 20mm f/2.8 FE

Tamron 24mm f/2.8 FE

Tamron 35mm f/2.8 FE


The #F050 20mm f/2.8 Di III 1:2 Macro OSD, #F051 24mm f/2.8 Di III 1:2 Macro OSD, and the #F053 35mm f/2.8 Di III 1:2 Macro will all be street priced at $349. Weather-sealed, fluorine coated, street, macro, and dynamic scaping powerhouses in small bodies (each weighing under 8oz!!) will give both photographers on the go and videographers looking to lighten their gimbal load some proper versatility in their kit. The F051 and F053 will be joining the Tamron Sony family this December while the F050 will see its arrival in January of 2020. Your brick and mortar Tamron USA Authorized retailers are absolutely taking preorders as we speak.

The #F056 70-180 f/2.8 Di III VXD sports a brand new, Tamron exclusive take on linear motor focusing, allowing for extremely rapid, extremely precise AF capability in a lens essentially half the size of its known competition. With a minimum focusing distance of about 33″ at all focal lengths, the 70-180 may not quite have the 1:2 macro properties of its prime cousins but its ability to work in tight places will surely liberate more than a few imaging creatives who tire of never having quite enough space when looking for solid compression. While pricing is yet to be announced on for the F056, look for its release come Spring of 2020.SAR

Like their best selling counterparts, the A036 28-75 f/2.8 and A046 17-28 f/2.8, all four of the new lenses are built around the high resolution requirements of Sony’s most demanding sensors while keeping things portable; minimizing weight while still being built to play hard. These aren’t your normal plastic fantastic entry level primes, people. These bring SP level optical performance to a hobbyist price point with a moisture resistant construction many lenses that cost several times the price are lacking. Looking at you Fro Knows Photo. Just in case you had some inclination of calling us cheap, again.

All that being said: we will be pleased to be showcasing the primes at the booth at PhotoPlus, this year, while making sure the 70-180 stays tantalizingly under glass. It’s weather sealed, too but there’s only so much drool one lens can handle 🤩🤩

Check out the images attached and the product info leaflet that looks specifically at the release of the prime lenses. We will have more information on the F056 70-180 f/2.8 Di III VXD as it becomes available but for now: our little friends will do well enough on their own, I think. Any questions: be sure to bring them to the comments section so everyone can see the answers!

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 FE:
In the USA at BHphoto, Amazon, FocusCamera, BuyDig and Adorama.
In Europe it’s available at Amazon DE, Calumet DE, WexUK, Park UK, Amazon IT, Amazon FR, Amazon ES, CameraTools NL.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 FE:
Tamron 28-75mm lens at at Amazon, Bhphoto, FocusCamera and Adorama. in Europe at Amazon DE, Amazon UK and Amazon FR.

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