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Many of you would have loved to see this :)


An imaginary RX1 interchangeable camera created by EOS20 (via Redbubble).

I know I shocked you by posting this is FAKE(!) rendering! But in yesterdays RX1 poll only 15% of the readers said they would buy the fixed lens RX1. So my question to you now is. Would you have bought the RX1 with 35mm f/2.0 Zeiss lens if it would have an interchangeable lens mount?

Will you buy the new Sony 135mm f/1.8 GM lens ?

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And now two link to people I do highly respect. They wrote their thoughts about the RX1:

Kai Wong writes on Digitalrev: “This could quite possible change the world of digital cameras. This is huuuuge. It only takes one company to push the ball over the hill for it to become a huge hit. This could potentially lure some of the bigger companies into doing something similar. This could be mirrorless/compact camera 2.0. This could be the first Sony digital camera I ever buy.

David Kilpatrick writes on Photoclubalpha: “I think, perhaps, that after a long time of ignoring photographers Sony finally listened. They may have listened to the wrong ones. The lens enthusiasts of dPreview represent a tiny minority. Those who will spend nearly $3k on a fixed lens compact – even with full frame – are even fewer.

What do you think?


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