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Mark Weir explains why they got rid of the “NEX” name. And says A-mount commitment will be very clear (soon).


Funny image created by Imaging Resource.

In an Interview with Imaging Resource Sony manager Mark Weir tried to explain why they got rid of the “NEX” name:

“The model name prefix started to segregate our E-mount cameras from our A-mount cameras,” responded Weir, “and that was never our intention.

I am wondering why did they start the NEX brand in first place :) He also says:

“and there was concern that consumers could easily misunderstand there to be a lack of compatibility between the two.”

Well there is a lack of compatibility between the two! Or can you use the FE lenses bought for the A7-A7r on the A77-A99? Nope :)

And when asked about the A-mount future he says:

We remain committed to the A-mount system, and I’m sure that that commitment will be very clear.

Well, I guess we will find it out very soon! Z-focus, Mirrorless A-mount, Hybrid A-E mounts and other major features like that. Let’s see if they will find their way in an A-mount cameras this year!


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