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Matt Granger great quest: What’s the future for A-mount?


Well, I am happy to see that I am not the only one have big “???” over the A-mount future. Matt Granger made this great video to try to give us an answer about that question. Well Sony officially says:

1) A-mount body and lens development will continue. But they cannot share any details about the future roadmap.
2) E-mount has a roadmap because it’s anew system and they need to create confidence. While A-mount is already a “mature” system therefore no roadmap is needed.

But as Matt noticed it’s very strange Sony did not show A-mount stuff at all during Photokina. No A77II, the two A99 camera hidden…why don’t you wanna promote those Sony?

P.S.: Thanks Matt for your work! I am very curious to read SAR readers comments on your video :)

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