New battery grip for the NEX-7? NEX-7 in Stock in Canada and soon in UK (both body and kit version!!!).


For the (worldwide!) first time the NEX-7 with black 18-55mm kit lens is in Stock at Sony Canada (Click here). And also the body only is in Stock at Sony Canada (Click here). And in Europe both NEX-7 versions will be available within 10 days at Jessops UK (Click here). And in USA you can get a 300 mail in rebate on Epson printer when pre ordering the NEX-7 body at Adorama (Click here).

I just got a news saying that the Taiwanese company Ownuser (Click here) will soon announce a new battery grip for the NEX-7! It is a modular design that would also allow the use of LA-EA2 without obstruction. The same company already made battery grips for SLT and NEX cameras:
Click here to see the A33/A55 battery grip auctions on eBay.
Click here to see the NEX-5 battery grip auctions on eBay.

Full NEX-7 preorder search links:

Australia: CameraPRO, Digitalrev, Amazon, Adorama, B&H,
Belgium: PCH Store,,,
Canada:, B&H, TheCameraStore,,
China: Digitalrev,, eBay
Denmark: eBay
Finland: eBay
Germany:,, Photo Porst Neuwied, Fotomundus,
Hong Kong: Digitalrev, Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay
Japan:, Rakuten, eBay
Netherlands:,, Amazon UK, Amazon DE
Norway: eBay
Poland: eBay
Singapore: Digitalrev, B&H, eBay
Spain:, eBay
Sweden: eBay
United Kingdom:, ParkCameras, Jessops, WexUK, eBay UK
USA: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay