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New “foveon” style sensor patent.


Egami (translation here) spotted the next 3 layer sensor patent from Sony. Lately we have so many of these patents that a camera featuring a sensor like that may come in the near future. This would certainly be a quantum leap forward of Sony can do this. Imagine no more Aliasing problems, true color info for every pixel, top class per pixel sharpness….can’t wait to see this!

P.S.: There are two Sigma Foveon (3 layer) 46 Megapixel sensor ompact cameras from Sigma:
DP1 with 28mm lens at Amazon, BHphoto and of course on [shoplink 15083 ebay]eBay[/shoplink].
DP2 with 45mm lens at BHphoto and on [shoplink 15084 ebay]eBay[/shoplink].

More info: Foveon X3 sensor (Source: Wikipedia)

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