New NEX-7 reviews roundup!


USAtoday (Click here) wrote an article about the NEX-7: “In terms of all-around performance, though, the NEX-7 is the best mirrorless camera we’ve tested. It features a combination of control, image quality, and responsiveness that most other cameras in this segment can’t match.

Mike Kobal (Click here) is again using the NEX-7 for fashion photography: “I noticed the unintimidating effect the Nex7 had on my subjects. The photographer is just testing the light, this can’t be the session yet, the big camera is sitting over there on the tripod, those or similar thoughts where probably crossing their minds and it helped establish a relaxed atmosphere right from the beginning.

The just redesigned blog Soundimagesplus (Click here) tried to answer the big question, is the NEX-7 or Fuji X PRO 1….which one is the best? The answer in short: “I would choose the NEX-7. Its a much better handling and performing camera with 50% more pixels, its cheaper, it has more lenses available and its definitely more “quirk-free” than the X-Pro 1. In terms of image quality the extra size has to be balanced out by the superior definition of the Fuji, its vastly superior high ISO performance and its seriously good jpgs.

The NEX-7 keeps being a top seller at t Amazon US (place 1), Amazon Germany (place 2), Amazon France (place 3) and is doing “bad” at Amazon UK (place 34???) only.

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