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New Robot Skin A7M3 / A9 by LockCircle



The Italian company Lockcircle announced the new A9 Robot Skin (details here) and the A7rIII-A7III Robot Skin (details here). Here is the press text:

Robot Skin A7M3/A9

The new Robot Skin is another innovative professional LockCircle cage designed to fit like a glove around the latest mirrorless Sony A7III/A7RIII and A9 cameras, featuring the exclusive “Asymmetrical Design Approach” for right hand camera grabbing and controlling with the original camera ergonomic feeling.

Designed for comfortable grip and action, leaving on the left side of the camera all the production tools and accessories mounting:
a still and film camera without the limitations of other cages.

If looking for a more cinematic approach, the asymmetrical concept can be upgraded to “total wrap” with the Side Bar to add other accessories and rigging solutions on the right side of the cage.
A special ergonomic approach offers something more than just wrapping around the Sony mirrorless cameras with a metallic cage with some threads:
a natural extension of the original camera shape!

The Robot Skin is designed for filmmakers using the original XLR microphone adapters and the Top Grip Handle Extension mount, offers an ergonomic handling of the camera set-up with the Microphone Adapter mounted.

The Robot Skin A7M3/A9 integrates the MultiPort for secure connectors locking HDMI/USB-C/Headphone and Microphone mini-jacks. LockPort Flex kits (port savers) are available for the Micro to Full-Size HDMI output.

A professional grade of mounting plates and Positive-Lock Mounts for universal cine-style lens mounting are available, offering precise professional follow-focus work.

The Robot SkinA7M3/A9 baseplate has a mounting “receiver” for the Meta Block (adjustable), designed for a Metabones “state of the art” mounting/locking, a Novo-Block for Novoflex mounts integration and an IMS-Block for high grade professional Positive-Lock Mounts, PL-Mount, Canon EF, Nikon F, Panavision, Leica R, Leica M.

Vertical mount of the camera is available and compatible with the LockPort Flex System, and all along the Focal-Plane there are several threads for the (AC) tape measurement hook mounting.

The camera baseplate has three camera mounting threads (1/4“ and 3/8” with 1/4“ adapter) for heavy-duty safety mounting.

A heavy-duty baseplate is available for heavy cinematic primes and zooms. A titanium grade 5 camera 1/4-20 screw is coming with the cage.
A new MicroMega-M ultra-compact professional modular baseplate for 15mm rods is available together with the RodRocket Titanium Grade 5 15mm rods system.

Asymmetrical classic LockCircle cage design concept.
Right hand camera grabbing/control with original Sony A7M3/A9 cameras ergonomics.
Innovative SFA Straight Function Action with DTV Dials Total View design concept.
Right Side Bar (total wrap) expansion module for right hand accessories/grip handles.
90 (105 threads with the Side Bar) 1/4”-20, 3 3/8”-16 (5 with the Side Bar).
Top Grip handle and Boombooster compatible accessories.
Top Grip extension handle for Sony XLR Microphone Adapter.
CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum.
Ultra-Lightweight and professional heavy-duty grade strength.
High quality organic anodizing with “professional grade” velvet surface finish.
Dura-T (Mil-Spec) heavy duty unscratchable military look finish.
Custom genuine titanium grade 5 screws and knobs.
MultiPort HDMI/Audio port savers with connector locking.
Meta-Block mount (adjustable) for Metabones monolithic mounting.
IMS-Block for IMS – Mounts for the serious cinematographers needs.
Novo-Block mount for Novoflex mounts.
Several IMS Professional lens mounts available: PL-Mount, Panavision, Leica-R, Canon EF and Nikon with Positive-Lock.
Novo-Block mount for total integration of Novoflex mounts.
New MicroMega-M ultra-compact modular expandable 15mm baseplate.
Focal Plain thread for AC measurement custom titanium hook.
New hi-tech deep anodized colors.
Designed by cinematographers and manufactured in Italy.

Available from end of September!
A special trade-in program is available for customers that already owns the old BirdCage Pro/Pro-S for Sony A7M2 Series.

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