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NEX-5n overheating (non-)issue video on youtube!


I still didn’t get my [shoplink 8452]NEX-5n[/shoplink] so I cannot test it for myself. But it looks like the camera has an overheating issue when recording videos! But the good news first. It takes over 20 minutes in an ambient temperature of 30 deg. Celsius before you notice the problem. Probably a more serious issue is the clicking noise when moving around or panning (See discussion on Dpreview). See the video below to hear it:

Beside those problems that hopefully can be solved via firmware upgrade as soon as possible the image quality of the NEX-5n is stunning. See the comparison with the Nikon D700 fullframe camera at Kayakphoto (Click here).

The NEX-5n is in Stock in most stores like [shopcountry 8452] (Click on shop names to check the availability).

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