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(UPDATED) NEX-5T and ILC 3000 specs leaked.


EosHD accidentally leaked the NEX-5T and ILC pdf files containing the full specs:

A3000 specs (.pdf)
NEX-5T specs (.pdf)
Zeiss 16-70mm specs (.pdf)
Sony 18-105 G PZ specs (.pdf)

As I told you before the ILC has no in body IS (thee was an error on the manual). And the NEX-5T is essentially a NEX-5R with some minor upgrades. And here are the price info:

$398 Sony Alpha A3000
$548 Sony NEX-5T
$698 Sony NEX-5T with 16-50mm lens
$998 for the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4.0 lens
$598 for the Sony E PZ 18-105G lens
Click on the images to see a large size version.

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