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Next announcement on September 4 (QX lenscameras and Honami Z1 smartphone)


Next week (September 4) Sony will announce another bunch of new products. The Honami Smartphone with High Quality G lens and sensor. And the famous QX lenscamera series. A source had the chance to test the QX lenses on an iPad and writes:

both camera’s (QX10 and QX100) will connect to the smartphones via NFC and/or Wi-Fi for iOS devices. It works on all smartphones and every setting can be adjusted via the app with the Playmemories Mobile 3.0 app which I have tested as a beta.

I hope sources can soon tell me the price of these QX lenscameras. Thanks!

And one very big announcement could be made in late September for the NEX-FF (and maybe some A-mount news is coming too). More about that soon on SAR!

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