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There is a second Nikon F to Sony FE autofocus adapter maker. First video test shows very good performance!


Steel Chen contacted me yesterday. he is the maker of a completely new Nikon F to Sony FE autofocus adapter. This would be the second adapter after the [shoplink 43423 ebay]Commlite adapter[/shoplink].

He sent me a video showing the improved version of his adapter. Steel is using the [shoplink 43430 ebay]Nikkor 70-300mm lens[/shoplink] on the A7rII:

My Nikon/Sony E ring performs better AF because we can better leverage Nikon lens parameters, make it the best fit in PDAF on A7R II.
1. Engineering prototype demonstration.
2. AF-S lens support only, for now.
3. Fast full range PDAF on Sony A7R II, good CBAF speed on A7R II
4. Its status can be tracked here in… , sorry its in Chinese .

Mine is still in prototyping, cause  I need to solve the problem of automatic Aperture control of Nikon G lens.

Compared to the Commlite adapter Steel Chen’s version seems to focus much faster and also absolutely no annoying autofocus motor noise! He is reading this site so feel free to comment this post with your questions and he will try to answer you. There is yet no exact plan about when the adapter will go on sale and for what price. But I surely hope to get my hands on that adapter soon as it really seems to work fine!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-22 um 10.44.46

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