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Nikon to E-mount autofocus adapter is now on sale on eBay!

[shoplink 42699 ebay]commlite_Nikon[/shoplink]

The worldwide first Nikon F to E-mount autofocus adapter is now on sale on [shoplink 42699 ebay]eBay (Click here for price and shipping info)[/shoplink].

The Chinese forum Xitek interviewed the Nikon F to E-mount autotofocus adapter developer. The developer promised to keep improving the autofocus performance.  Two months ago that was the performance of the adapter:

And here are more images of the adapter:




1981318_1445836774 1627339_1446010870

More about Commlite:
Commlite already makes plenty of adapters which you can find for sale on [shoplink 38429 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. This includes the electronic AF adapter for [shoplink 38430 ebay]Canon EF lenses on Sony E-mount (Click here)[/shoplink].

Originally found via Mirrorlessrumors.

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