New patent discloses a honeycomb image sensor


The new form of the photodiodes should improve the sensor performance. With that design less transistors are needed and as a consequence you can have more megapixels. We don’t know if it really works and if we will ever see such a sensor in a real camera!

* Patent Publication No. 2010-161200
* published 2010/07/22. Filled 2009/01/08
* Distance of the pixel is equal with all courses in the case of a honeycomb
* Less number of transistors used
* Low cost
* It can increase the number of the pixels
* Good sensitivity
* It assumes seven pixels one unit

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(SR4) New generation of fullframe Sony sensor ready. FF camera to be announced by early 2011?


Sony is slowly introducing one revolution after another. The first have been the NEX cameras. Those cameras were expected to be announced in 2011 only but they are already here ;)

The next revolution are the pelllix cameras with high-quality video and autofocus. They will be announced in few weeks. The next ticket on the roadmap is the release of the A7xx. The original announcement period was early 2011 and the next FF camera by late 2011. But it is thanks your pressure on Sony that they decided to shorten the release cycle. As we told you the A7xx should be released by late 2010. I don’t know yet if they will announce the camera at Photokina and make it available by late 2010 or if they will announce it in November-December.

But what about the FF plans? Let’s start with the bad news. We don’t expect any new FF camera at Photokina (late September). It is true that Sony currently makes money with the NEX cameras and not with their Fullframe cameras and lenses. And if Nikon really starts to produce their own sensors than Sony fullframe sensor development and production will be even more costly. Espite all our sources us that the new generation of Sony fullframe sensors is ready. It will be a High-resolution sensor with fast 10fps and FullHD video and very good High-ISO image quality. The specs are not definitive. We were told that they have two sensor options: a new ExmorHD 24MPX and a new ExmorHD 30+MPX sensor. The design of the camera is based on the next pellix camera (which we will see in late August).

The good news. Sony will also shorten the relase cycle of the next FF camera. First expected by end 2011 the next FF camera should be announced by early 2011. Also in that case I don’t know if Sony will show us a prototype of that camera at Photokina (like it did for the A7xx at PMA in February). Sony knows they have to introduce a FF camera sooner than planned to compete against the Canon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markIICanon 5D markII.

In summary
– Next FF camera by early 2011
– ExmorHD highresolution sensor optimized for speed and high-quality video
– New very good High-ISO performance (up to 12.800 ISO)
– New design based on the next Pellix cameras (This also opens the question if it will feature an optical or an electronic viewfinder)

Editors note: It is very important that you continue to make pressure on Sony to release the A7xx and FF camera soon!

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Many Thanks again for sending me infos about the A7xx, new G and Zeiss lenses and the FF camera!


(SR3) New EVF (electronic viewfinder) for the NEX coming soon?


Months ago our sources told us that Sony were working on a new EVF for the NEX cameras. SO the following rumor found on getdpi cuold be true:

Our local retailer (who has a great relationship with Sony and stocks their higher-end lenses like the 24-70 f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4 etc) states that a clip-on EVF is on the way for the NEX range shortly. A side effect is that one will not be able to use the EVF and the clip-on flash at the same time, since they share the same mounting spot. I think this might be interesting for folks who like to frame with a viewfinder than on the screen, and might save some battery power too.”

Source: getdpi