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RUMOR: No new E-mount camera announcement in February and A7sIII announcement ahead of the IBC show in August/September?


Now I hope this rumor is wrong :(

I got this from a single trusted source, whom rarely was wrong in the past. But I hope this is one of those rare occasions he might got the wrong info. He told me this:

1) No new E-mount camera will be announced in February ahead of the Cp+ show
2) Sony A7sIII will be announced ahead of the IBC show in August/September.

No info on the A7IV launch timing but I guess the chances stay high we will see it at Photokina. But lets’ hope I am wrong folks and we will get a new E-mount camera at CP+ already…

This is what to expect at the CP+ show (end of February): For sure we are soon getting a new compact camera model (RX or action camera). Also new E-mount lenses are likely to be announced.

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