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RUMOR: The new APS-C E-mount will be branded with a completely different name (no A5xxx, no A6xxx). To be announced next week!


Image on top shows the ZV-1 vlogger camera

Just like the ZV-1 replaced the Sony RX100 series this new APS-C E-mount camera will not have the A5xxx ot A6xxx nomenclature but be the first APS-C E-mount camera of a new line. Sony marketing really wants to brand is as “something different” from the previous cameras. I don’t know yet if this means that from now on all new APS-C E-mount cameras will use the new naming structure and I don’t know if from now on we will only have that kind of APS-C cameras and no more A5xxx and A6xxx.

One more thing: The camera will be announced next week!

Known specs:

  • It uses a 24MP sensor
  • It’s not really mean as a High End model…but more as a compact VLOGGER E-mount camera
  • all usual improvement taken a bit from the A7c but in a more compact A5xxx alike shape.
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