SAR readers work roundup.


Let me catch up with some of the SAR readers work links I got via mail:

AndreasJust a photoblog for the RX1. I am extremely happy with the camera in terms of image quality but extremely unhappy with the autofocus … about 20% of pics are backfocused … so i pretty much use only manual nowadays which is a shame as i really was looking forward to a good autofocus with this camera. The camera would be perfect with phase detection AF. Very happy with ergonomics and menu. Very happy with durability … camera survived a trip to Kilimanjaro, Safaris and skiing in the alps without even the slightest scratch. A bit disappointed with video quality vs. GH2 hacked which i also own. Focusing in video mode is difficult, no preview, no peaking, not even a distance scale. Autofocusing and tracking is very slow … so no real solution found yet. Will have a video about my Kilimanjaro trip up shortly. Some photos can be seen already at

Oleg:This clip is fully filmed on Sony NEX5N. Important what to film and not your equipment.

Rock:If your Sony 16-50 2.8 is stiff or sticky to zoom there is an easy solution! I just fixed both of ours and now they zoom like all of our other great lenses. Most of us paid somewhere between $600-$800 for this lens… would you believe that the problem is a 49 cent rubber zoom ring? If you take it off, turn it inside out, then put it back on your prize lens will zoom just as smooth as all of your other lenses. If you need it I have posted a tutorial on how to do this at the bottom of this page:

KeanHui:Hi Sonyalpharumuor I would like to share with you some of my macro work done by the Sony Alpha Camera A77, A550 and Nex5N! Here is my link to my work

Enrique:Tengo buenas noticias, mi video “The Maghreb” rodado con Sony ha sido elegido por Vimeo como video del día. Esto se traduce en un gran numero de visitas así como una presencia importante en la web, via foros, blogs, twitters, etc.  Al mismo tiempo, he lanzado un artículo que tenía preparado, explicando como lo he rodado, siempre con Sony, creo que puede ser interesante. Te paso los links para que los compartáis si queréis. Video:

Leonel:I want to invite you to visit my blog, that it’s a sort of photographic journal for my tastes, my travels and my soul if you wish… the interesting part is that all my work in there is portrayed with my sony alpha 330 and some legacy lens like the famous “beercan” and the minolta 50 1,7, also I use a lot the sam DT 18-55, that for me it gives some nice results when you know it’s limitations… I’m looking forward to improve my kit some day (hopefully the a99 ), and for that your site it’s a great start in order to make a good choice … this is the address of my blog:

Thanks You All!