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Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki confirms their new FE lenses will have brand new optical designs!



Imaging Resource just published the full interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. And there is good news folks: He confirmed that their FE lenses are newly designed from scratch and not some current [shoplink 57129]Sigma DSLR lens[/shoplink] recycled as E-mount. This means the lens will be optimized for Sony High Resolution cameras and possibly smaller than their DSLR lenses :)

Here is what he exactly said about that:

It’s possible to make the native E-mount [lens] using the existing glass, but all of our existing lens is not designed for mirrorless. So when you’re designing [a new lens], you can’t easily take an existing lens design [from another mount] and put a little bit deeper mount on it, so that it’s at the right distance for the Sony flange-back distance.

I really can’t wait the day they will launch ART lenses for the FF E-mount! Check out their ART lenses at: [shopcountry 57129]. It’s all High Quality Glad for a relatively affordable price.

A while ago we asked our readers which lens Sigma should make first:

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