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Small update on A7rII and A7000 rumors….(Sony announcement in 1-2 weeks)


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P.S.: The leaked official Sony roadmap (October 2014). Shows A7, A6 and RX camera announcement are (or were) planned.

This is just a short update on the A7rII and A7000 rumors. Here are some of the talks I head:

1) A couple of store owners said they have been told by Sony about a new A7rII and A7000 (or whatever the final name will be). They started to get info about those cameras back in March but Sony went quiet the last 1-2 months.
2) Two trusted sources still confirm that Sony had (or has) issues with the A7000 hardware. They don’t know if Sony solved them by now.
3) Two(!) of my trusted sources have been told by Sony that they have a mid June announcement. The sources are aware that Sony postponed some of the camera releases. They will send us a note as soon as Sony confirms the exact announcement date! And hopefully no delay this time!!!

Overall: I hope you can forgive me for that confusing time. But it never happened before that Sony had such issues on the release of cameras. I am working to find out the exact reason of why this happened. I should get a confirmation within the end of this week if we are going to see the A7000 and A7rII next week already!

A look into the future: Some “major” stuff should be announced by Sony during the second half of the year. I hope to learn from y sources if that roadmap has not change unlike the A7000 and A7rII delay.

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