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Some additional ZV-E1 info…


Within hours (March 29 at 3pm London time) Sony will announce the new ZV-E1 Full Frame E-mount camera. it’s basically an A7sIII powered vglogger camera.

A ZV-E1 tester shared the following info about the camera:

  • ZV-E1 has new touch screen with swipe up feature
  • new display menu screen with quick buttons
  • new “Dynamic Stabilization” mode
  • “cinematic mode” (built in black bars feature)
  • z battery
  • touch screen record button
  • front tally light
  • Quick touch zoom buttons (1.5x, 2x)
  • It does have the a7rv autofocus.
  • I personally didn’t have any overheating issues with the unit I used


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