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Some more A7sIII rumored specs and info


A7sIII now listed at BHphoto and in Germany at Fotokoch

I got info from five more people who sent me rumors for the first time. So I am not sure all is 100% correct so take the following info with a bit more caution than usual. I posted this info today and on July 28 we will see whom of them was right :)

Source 1:

  • AF system is the almost the same as a7r4
  • The video record button is now on the top of the camera, places behind the shutter button.
  • 4K RAW output yes, but not sure if it supports 4K 120fps RAW output. Did not try but it says it’s 16bit RAW output.
  • I did not have a chance to test out the RAW output because the firmware is not available, apparently Atomos is working on it to support a7sIII’s hdmi signal.
  • dynamic range is 15 tested by Sony, so i guess it’s ard 13-14 in real life.

Source 2:

  • Dials: Looking from the back panel of the camera, video dial for video mode selection left to EVF, photo dial for photo mode selection right to EVF. Exposure dial unchanged.
  • Screen: Touch function available when navigating the menu.
  • Ports: Removable port door. Two usb-c, one micro hdmi, no flash sync port.

Source 3:

  • Here is something unfortunate, there will be a crop on the 4K. A small one, similar to a7s2.
  • Also, ONLY Up to 4k60 will be 10bit 4:2:2 internal.

Source 4:

  • They are claiming to not have overheating issues for at least 1hr even at the highest framerate.

Source 5:

  • I can confirm 4k60 10 bit unlimited recording time.
  • I can confirm at least 180fps 1080p with full AF and sound.
  • Downsampled 1080p from 4K, making this the best 1080p hybrid ever made! No line skipping or pixel binning.
  • No internal RAW.
  • New codec similar to FX9.
  • No 6K.
My guess is that most of the info is actually correct.

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