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Some more Sony Australia info…


Sony Alpha – Mirrorless 60″ Commercial

I have been told that tomorrow Sony Australia meeting is a “sneak preview” of Sony products. It’s still unclear if Sony will announce a new camera within the next 24 hours. But if it’s not than we will definitely see them next week. UPDATE: One of the members said:

My feel is that its the RX100M4 and A6xx and not the A7Rii … although I might be wrong.

UPDATE_2: RX100m3 preorder page leads to a blank page now. Doens’t mean anything at all yet. So don’t read too much into it…for now.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-14 um 10.08.21

Sony lately is known for playing a lot of cat and mouse game on the real announcement date. The new FE lenses example were shown at CP+ but pricing was announced 10 days later. That said it’s pretty clear what Sony want to launch in May-June: New A6100, A7rII and new RX cameras.

A tidbit: The commercial video you see above is running on Australian TV’s this week.

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