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Sony A77 news and reviews roundup…


Low Budget Filming – Sony Alpha 77 & Movcam Rig

AF in manual video movie mode workaround Sony SLT A77 (Mikekobal). And contact sheets with A77 and NEX-5n (Mikekobal).

Sony A77 review by SonyAlphaLab (Click here): “I can pick apart a feature here and there and say the Nikon X is better in High ISO and the Canon Y has better AF, but as a whole the A77 is a phenomenal camera for a great price in my humble opinion.

A77 test at Expertreview (Click here): “Packed with features and impressive strengths including a superb kit lens, but high noise levels and lethargic controls aren’t acceptable at this price“.

The A77 is in Stock at Amazon Germany (Click here), [shoplink 10586 ebay]Heidfoto (crazy name!)[/shoplink], [shoplink 10587 ebay]Foto Neuber (Click here)[/shoplink], in US at [shoplink 10585 ebay]willoughbyscamera (with $400 extra to pay)[/shoplink], almost in Stock at Digitalrev (two weeks). There is a £50 discount at Amazon UK but the camera is not in Stock yet.

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