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Sony a99 Mk II Review (vs a7R II, Canon 5D Mk IV, Nikon D810)


Tony & Chelsea Northrup do think this is kind of the ultimate camera. The real issue Tony has with the camera is the uncertain future of A-mount. Also ePhotozine published their A99II review and do conclude:

Sony last announced new Sony A mount lenses in 2015, which were updates to existing lenses. Sony seem to be more committed to releasing lenses for the Sony FE mount, with new full-frame lenses announced for that system regularly. Yes, the A99-II is an excellent camera, and if you have a collection of lenses for the system, then it would make an excellent upgrade from the A99, but considering Sony’s focus on their mirrorless camera system, it’s difficult to see a long and prosperous future for Sony’s A-mount. 

Sony A99II at [shopcountry 56569].

Note: I want to stress that Sony confirmed once again that A-mount is here to stay :)

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