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Sony APS-C talk at We plan to “exceed customers” requests, new APS-C gear to be released in 2019!

Share interviewed Mr. Masaaki Oshima from Sony. There are some clear answers about their APS-C strategy:

– Sony once more confirms APS-C line will be continually developed further
– The A6400 is not the A6500 replacement
– And while he cannot talk about the plans of an A6500 successor their goal is to “exceed customers” requests
– There is little demand for low-end APS-C cameras but the demand for higher end models is still strong
– In 2019 we plan to strengthen both our APS-C and Full Frame portfolio

From this interview it sounds clear more APS-C stuff is coming this year. We really need new APS-C lenses and we also need a serious Fuji X-T3 competitor with IBIS inside!

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