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Sony has heard our prayers: Sony A7sIII has a new menu system!


Sony A7sIII in USA at Adorama ($200 off with lens), BHphoto, Amazon.
Sony A7sIII in EU at Fotokoch. Calumet DE. WexUK.

Oh damn I was assuming th Sony A7sIII would have the same crappy menu of the the current A7 cameras. But luckily for all of us I was wrong!

Now here is the twist: Trusted sources told me there is a new menu system while a new anonymous source sent me the image above. Now, this is a new source so I cannot be 100% sure yet it’s legit. But I guess there is a fair chance it is.

More A7sII rumors:

And another two sources (Thanks to you too) sent me some more info too:

  • Completely new menu with full touch support.
  • The smallest rolling shutter effect in the world.
  • Huge viewfinder with the ability to reduce the field of view of images, for people wearing glasses.
  • The 16-bit raw info applies to recording in movie mode (and not just photos) to an external recorder.
  • The Sony a7siii will have a passive cooling heat sink type system probably made of aluminum (copper, alloy or stainless steel are other options) similar to those used in the Raspberry Pi B board.
  • Apparently in Europe the camera will start shipping out in September.

Personal note:

I am exhausted and I am getting new rumors about a Sigma lens too! And I have two days left to prepare my 2,700km car trip through Europe (will post the pics on my IG channel).

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