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Sony kicks out influencer Daryl Aiden Yow after discovering he shared modified Stock photos


A reader sent me this interesting story:

This influencer photographer, @darylaiden
(with over 100K followers) who’s a photography ambassador with Sony here in Singapore was recently exposed on online media for faking many of his Instagram photos with stock photos and Photoshop:

Sony Singapore has taken down their official page featuring him, but you can still see the shots he claims he shot with Sony gear:

Google Cache of the official Sony page that was taken down:

As reported by Dpreview the Instagramer did apologize for this in his latest post.

Interestingly enough, his numbers of followers went UP(!!!) after all that buzz. Bad publicity is still publicity they say…

P.S.: follow me too I am no good photographer but my pics are boringly authentic :)

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