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Sony NEX-5n news roundup.


Sony NEX 5N studio test from superiormediagroup on Vimeo.

NEX-5n wonderful Oslo Opera image samples on Flickr.

Sony NEX-5N vs Canon 7D – Part 1 (youtube).

Test à hauts ISO des Raw du NEX-5N développés avec Lightroom 3 (Alpha Numerique).

And Jeroen from wrote me: “After weeks of testing (and some delay) we have finally published our 15 page review of the NEX-5N camera. As I think you are using the camera yourself too, I don’t have to tell you how good it is… ;-) Our conclusion: It’s simply the best systemcamera (CSC) available at this this moment!* And therefore we’ve gave it 4,5/5 stars which equals a Gold award. The 5N is very versatile (rotating touchscreen), offers superior image quality (which blows all other APS-C camera’s away), is fast (10 fps), offers very good video-performance (1080p50) and is very affordable. The only drawback compared to the competition are the relatively large lenses, which feel a bit weird on such a compact camera. And we’d like so see more lenses too, especially pancakes. Lastly, we don’t understand the different position of the on/off-switch, compared to the NEX-C3 and the NEX-7. ;-)
Translated (ENG):
* we haven’t tested the NEX-7 so far (only a pre-production sample)

The Sony NEX-5n is always in the top 20 of all system cameras at Amazon US (Click here).

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