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Sony press release about the new OLED viewfinder.


At (Click here) Sony gave some hints about the new OLED viewfinder used for the new Sony A77/65 and NEX-7: “The OLED panel employed for the EVF has a screen size of 0.5 inches and a pixel count of about 2.4 million (1,024 x RGB x 768). The size of its sub-pixel is 3.3 x 9.9μm. Compared with the LCD panel used for the EVF of the “α55,” Sony’s former product, the contrast ratio of the OLED panel is about 10 times higher, the company said. Sony realized the color display by combining white organic light-emitting diodes (WOLEDs) and red, green and blue color filters. With a small molecular WOLED material, the company formed OLED elements by using an evaporation method. As a result, compared with the method in which red, green and blue OLED elements are formed, the resolution of the panel was enhanced. Sony formed driver elements, D-A converter, timing controller, etc on a silicon (Si) substrate. The panel is produced in volume at the Higashiura Office (Aichi Prefecture, Japan) of Sony Mobile Display Corp, which is Sony’s subsidiary.

One of my sources told me weeks ago that the EVF is made by Samsung. Now, the press release says the exact opposite but fast is that the sources always gave me correct info. A second trusted source told me that there is a “secret” Sony-Samsung agreement to develop together some of the “mirrorless” technologies to be able to cut the costs which will allow them to fight against the Canon-Nikon dominance. According to the source nor Sony neither Samsung can unveil the content of the agreement and everybody can claim that the technology is made in house. As usual take the rumors with a grain of salt. All I can say here is that those are good sources.

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